Sunday, May 15, 2011

Scenes from the weekend

It was a quiet weekend around here. A nice combination of relaxed and productive, with a few little treats thrown in.

Balloons at a little friend's birthday party

Window shopping downtown

Bagpipers on Fort Street

Tea and biscotti on the street outside Murchies

Our garden loves the rain

The boys brought some flowers in for the kitchen table

A van full of wet wood makes for an exciting drive {especially when the hatchback is tied down with many bungees!}

Alan's latest project in progress... raised boxes for an edible garden

Cutie pie

Watering flowers {in between downpours!}

Picking herbs for a salad

Workout during naptime

Splish splash

Lilacs beginning to bloom

Bags full of picture books

There was lots of rain this weekend. Like seriously crazy amounts of it. That didn't stop us from having a good time though. In between downpours we jumped on a friend's trampoline, attended a few birthday parties, planted veggies and hanging baskets full of flowers. I stole a few hours on Saturday afternoon, and spent the time downtown by myself, window shopping, buying books for the school library, and drinking tea outside on the sidewalk {I lucked out, and it didn't rain the entire time I was out}. Sunday I woke up to breakfast in bed... such a lovely surprise! I laid in bed, read my book, wrote a letter to a faraway friend and a postcard to another. We went grocery shopping, got some wood for building the new garden shed, splashed in puddles. I went to the gym for the first time in ages, and it felt so good. Ended the day reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory aloud to the boys {four chapters! they were loving it...}. Once they were tucked in, I spent a while soaking in the tub, then looking through all the books I bought. After that, Alan and I watched tv by the fire, and ate toast with Nutella. Yum!

I have much to be grateful for. So many simple joys. And relaxing weekends like this remind me of it.

Hope your weekend was wonderful, too.


  1. Seriously, I want to steal your weekends. Your garden is incredible! And that bouquet of flowers is stunning. And lilacs and stories and adventures? Where do I sign up? Hope you're having a wonderful Monday so far!

  2. Your weekend sounds so enjoyable! Mmmm, tea and biscotti. I'm going to see if I can find my Charlie And The Chocolate Factory book at my mom's. I think she kept it. I think my son would like it too! Love all the flowers popping up. We had a lot of rain here over the weekend, and it continues. Everything here is looking very green. Yay!

  3. such a magical weekend that even though it was busy and full of outings, special that you got to fit in a "me date" -- glorious sounding as well! and quiet time with your husband because yes! it is ALWAYS about life's little pleasures...

    like flowers and a husband who can garden. i love it!

    i also love that silver tray under the teapot.

    ps. i miss rain like you wouldn't believe! it has not rained ONCE since we moved here in January and rain is my happy weather... i dreamt of it the other night, it was so bad! i think the first day it finally rains in this dessert city, i'm going to dance in it! :)


  4. your garden is gorgeous! we've been having lots of rain too but the only thing in my garden is weeds.

  5. Oh I am soooo envious of your lovely garden, ours currently looks like a jungle out the front! I am a new follower, found your blog through Rhianne's and have to say it is very very cute x

  6. Sounds like a lovely weekend. Your garden looks wonderful! {Even though I know you're sick of the rain...} Wish I'd been there to share a biscotti {& an umbrella!} with you. XOXO!

  7. i love love love your garden!! it's beautiful and functional. how much fun will it be to pick some food from your yard and make dinner with it?!

  8. Kim... maybe in July you'll find out!

  9. I want to live in your garden and raid your bookshelves. xoxoxoxo, because it's Monday and lots of those are needed on Mondays.

  10. your garden is looking beautiful!!!! xox


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