Sunday, April 24, 2011

Scenes from the weekend

Easter weekend is a long one {yay!} and that means this is going to be a long post... with lots of photos! Ready for it?

 Dying eggs

 Being careful to leave them in a good long while to really soak up the colour


 Tulips in the front garden

 Walking at the lake

Blue sky + blue water = happy me

 We brought a picnic. I love a picnic, don't you?

Trekking through the woods

 Kelly, my beloved friend and old neighbour, was in town! Hurrah!

 Lots of laughs

I wish she'd never moved away. We have so much fun 

 Easter Eve at our house... look at my paint-chip Easter egg garland! I am ridiculously proud of how well it turned out

The Easter bunny came in the wee hours

And we got up a few hours later

 He hid eggs all over the garden, even on top of the ladder!

 We filled our baskets

More than once... 

Skyping with Nanny, Sawyer rocks the handlebar moustache

 At Auntie Pat's with all the cousins for more Easter fun

 Easter baskets were hidden all over the house. Dylan heads upstairs to find his in the bathtub!

The bunny hid eggs in the backyard at Auntie Pat's too

 Dylan was pulling his load around in a wagon!

"Mum, I am so 'cited about Easter! I just love it."

It was a fabulous weekend. We had lots of sunshine and warm weather. Went for green tea lemonade, got takeout curry, ate hot cross buns for breakfast. Spent time with family. Rode bikes and took long walks and had dinner with some dear old friends. Played at the park and played ball in the front yard. Slept in. Worked in the garden, planted new flowers, and cut some to bring inside and pretty up the table. Watched the brand new Doctor Who Easter special, and was properly creeped out by the aliens {but loved it nonetheless!} Decorated for Easter, coloured eggs, had a hard time falling asleep, knowing that the bunny was coming. Revelled in the fun of many, many egg hunts. Rosy cheeks and smiling faces.

I love a holiday weekend. The joy of traditions and celebrating with the ones you love. Couldn't ask for more than that really...

Hope your weekend was just as nice. Do tell!


  1. Oh my goodness what a glorious weekend!

    Just looking at your pictures warms my heart. I remember running around at my house looking for easter eggs. I wish there were kids around somewhere in the family to watch. :) Thanks for sharing your weekend with us (I'll pretend I was out on the dock with you having a picnic).

  2. Erin, I'm so glad to see you and the family had such a great weekend! I do love Easter egg hunts. And moments by a lake and with friends. It just all looks so glorious! Happy Monday, my dear!

  3. that looks like the sweetest, most adventurous, & Delicious weekend! i'm so happy you and your family got to spend the holiday together in a special way with lots of loved ones.

  4. It looks like you had a fantastic weekend Erin! Your face says it all, as do your cute little boys faces!


    PS: I love that you are the same height as me, and understand the importance of the bit after the 5"4'!! And I also love you for taking off the word verification box!!

  5. your weekend looks just wonderful! brings back so many childhood memories for me of dyeing Easter eggs and going on egg hunts... your boys look like they had a fabulous time!! as do you :) oh, and your paint chip garland is too cute for words. what a great idea! this whole post is just full of loveliness and happiness. yay for that! hope it carries on throughout your week...

  6. Sounds and looks like a very happy Easter! I'm jealous of your tulips. We finally have some signs of garden life peeking through the soil.

    Posted a few pics from our Easter Monday...

  7. now these are the photos i was 'cited to see ;) ADORABLE!!! the easter bunny does not skimp at the Pugh's house ;) and your boy's easter art are my fave.

    i can't wait to one day laugh with you -- i adore the photos of you and kelly! being blessed finally with neighbors that are like best friends - i can't imagine if candice and daniel moved away.

    oh to be surrounded by water and have a picnic? perfection.

    and YES!!! NY is this weekend!!!! AHHH!!! i am SOOO EXCITED!!!! xoxo

  8. oh your boys are too cute! You must have had the best time celebrating with them--how exciting!

    And your easter egg garland looks so pretty! Love all the colors you used---it's fun right?

  9. Amanda- it was really fun! And now I love it too much to take it down... Might be staying up till May 1st! Thanks for sharing the idea on your blog. xo

  10. What a wonderful Easter holiday!!! I loved looking at all the beautiful photos (I especially loved the ones of the boys trekking in the woods together - so precious!) I love how festive the Pugh house gets for the holidays. It's such a special thing all the traditions you make with your family! The boys are lucky to have such an amazing & fun mum! Who is also very talented - love the Easter Egg garland. So glad you guys had a fantastic holiday! Thanks for sharing it with us xo

  11. So much happiness here! I'm glad the Easter bunny was generous this year ;)

  12. Sounds like it was just about the best Easter weekend ever! So glad! XOXO!

  13. wow, it looks like you guys had an awesome Easter. I love all the outdoor shots, it looks so lush and warm in Victoria. PLease send some of that warmth up North! xox J


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