Saturday, April 23, 2011

Saturday morning daydream

Is this not the most heavenly scene? It all looks so wonderfully warm and inviting and beautiful. I love the bricks, the greenery, the wooden table and chairs, the rich reds and oranges of the linens... I want to spend the afternoon out there watering the plants, reading books, basking in the sun. Then I'll finish it off having supper around that table with a group of my closest friends. We'll drink wine and eat bread and cheese and something barbequed {mmm!}, and we won't even need to wear sweaters, it'll be so warm! It will be the most perfect summer day.

Aaah... I love my Saturday morning daydreams.


  1. A good daydream on any morning is an absolute necessity. And I love how many of your outdoor scenes include places where I can easily imagine serving a delicious meal. I need an outdoor place like that.

  2. this is a wonderful daydream! may I join you? :)

    p.s. I got your letter in the mail yesterday. you are probably the sweetest, kindest person I know!! thank you for that. it definitely brightened my day.

  3. oh, this daydream grabbed me hard! i could so spend time in that scene! : )

    Happy Easter, Erin!!

  4. happy easter dear! I just realised that I sent you the postcard, I wrote a lot on it and I was so happy about it that.. I forgot to write the quote! My favorite one is by Audrey Hepburn :The most important thing is to enjoy your life - to be happy - it's all that matters.


  5. Oh, I want to be out there right now, drinking a lovely cup of fresh coffee and listing to the birds chirp!

    xx Cat brideblu


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