Monday, April 25, 2011

Much Love Monday {the little things}

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It's Monday night, the end of a lovely, relaxing 4-day weekend. Wouldn't it be great if every weekend were four days long? Anyway, it has suddenly hit me that I'm going to work in the morning, and that this is my first full week back. I'd best be organized! There are lots of things going on at school this week, including the Fun Fair on Friday night. I'm volunteering for that, and I think I signed up to bake a cake or two for the cake walk as well. I have primary lit study circles to run, new books to process and display, and oh yeah, I'm getting up at 1 a.m. on Friday so I can go that middle of the night Royal Wedding party! Oh, and I have a preschool hiring committee meeting to get to as well. Yikes. I'd better get my planner out so I can keep track of it all!

But first, a quick little Much Love Monday post to start the week off right. Right now, I'm loving:
  • Homemade chai tea lattes with extra foam
  • Our new white lampshades. They really brighten up the living room at night.
  • Cadbury's Mini-eggs... I loved them and now, thank goodness, they're all gone.
  • Our lilacs are going to bloom any day now!
  • Writing a fun guest post for Rhianne's beautiful blog, For the Easily Distracted.
  • I'm meeting a friend for Mexican food on Wednesday at lunch... mmmm, fajitas!
  • Going shopping for a new dress to wear to a wedding in June. I'm excited.  I haven't had a new dress in ages...
  • Freshly painted pearly pink toenails
  • The Dundies
It's the little things, sometimes. Happy Monday!

PS: Be sure to link up over on Much Love Anna if you decide to play along.


  1. Cadbury Mini Eggs are the BEST. Noah got me Robin Eggs (malted milk balls essentially) and they're all gone already! It's terrible. Oh well. I'm not permitted to buy any more candy for at least a month after this.....

    Everything on that list is amazing. We watched the Dundies, I'd love to freshen up this apartment with some lampshades..... Mexican food is a must around here and painted to nails with pretty dresses? Love it.

    Hope you have a great week Erin!

  2. I love your list, little things can make all the difference sometimes x

  3. Good luck with the first full week back. Here's to hoping it's a good one (and that you help hire some awesome new preschool teachers!)

  4. The dundies always bring a smile to my face :)

    It sounds like your week is off to a wonderful start! Will there be margaritas with those fajitas? hehe

  5. Please, please, please take lots of photos of your lilacs for me?? And how fantastic that you get the Monday after Easter off. Canadians are too smart. Hope the rest of your week is just as splendid, Erin!


  6. Your blog is amazing! Love it!♥


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