Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lots of love in my mailbox

I can't get over all the mail I've been receiving lately! So many letters and cards and presents have been filling up my mailbox every day this past week. Sure it was my birthday, and then I had to go for surgery and people like to wish you well, but I'm still amazed at the generosity and overall loveliness of so many people, some of whom I've never actually met!

Want to take a peek at all my fresh-from-the-post presents?

Fabulous teapot-shaped hook for the kitchen wall and embroidered tea towel from my sweet friend Cassie {whom I have indeed met!} in England

Beautiful card, C.S. Lewis bookmark {you may recall that that is one my favourite quotes!} and swoon-worthy Mr Darcy tea towel {which until now I have admired from afar}, all from gorgeous Gracie in Australia

Pretty card, tea and a Starbucks gift card {chai tea lattes, here I come!} from Sheba, my almost birthday-twin, in Toronto

Super fun vintage London handbag from my real-life friend Jess {we kept having to cancel plans due to sickness, so she finally gave up and sent my presents in the post!}. Inside the bag? Adorable Etsy address labels and bookplates!

Delicious recipe book/memoirs of a pastry chef in Paris, from Em {you all know Em!}. I started reading it last night and it's really good. And, guess what? The author has a blog... 

Package o'fun from Cass in Saskatchewan! 

 ... including minty chocolate, Starbucks {oh, you all know me so well!}, a fabulous Marta Writes mini-diary and some really excellent stationery that must remain a secret for now. Love, love, love it all!

 Cookbook I've been wanting, from my lovely sister-in-law/friend in Ireland

 I love what she wrote inside

 This cookbook is full of the most mouth-watering recipes and some really fabulous photos, too. 

Jamie Oliver is awesome! Have you seen his Food Revolution L.A. series yet? It started this week and Twitter was on fire the night it premiered!

Finally, a sweet little parcel from a new blogging friend, Elaine, in Alberta. Elaine's co-written a book about an extraordinary correspondence between two friends... "a mutual exchange of letters: not electronic mail, mind you, but real letters, written in ink, sealed in colourful envelopes and mailed at the post office-with stamps." Now that has me written all over it, don't you think?

And it's the perfect way to end this post. Thank you so much to all my lovely friends across the blogosphere and around the world. I am so lucky to know you, and to be on the receiving end of so much amazing mail! I owe you a reply really soon... Good thing I've got all this time off work to catch up on my correspondence, huh?

E xo


  1. Mail is the best mood-booster! Jamie's cookbook looks good, I am so glad his show is back on again.

    Hope you're resting up and recovering well.

  2. So sweet! I'm so glad you had such a mail-happy birthday and surgical recovery. All of those things are so lovely and so you. I'm so eager to catch up on mail!

  3. Glad you loved the book, see the back??? We had that Indian feast for friends reently and it was fab xx

  4. Snail mail is the absolute best!
    Looks like so many fun packages you have been receiving! I want to try that book:)
    Thanks for stopping by! ...Brandi is the best isn't she?!

  5. wow, that's awesome!! you are one loved girl. and what a perfect time to be receiving books, while you're out of commission. hooray!

  6. Whoa! I don't think I've ever had a mail day this good. Lucky lady, you are!

  7. so much fun mail! you deserve it all! xo

  8. Oh, you did get some fun mail!! Nothing better to brighten a birthday girl's week!!

    (... and I hope Canada Post turns around that letter tout suite! So excited to be on the receiving end of an Erin hello ....)

  9. I'm so happy for you! Such lovely, thoughtful gifts! I almost bought "The Sweet Life in Paris" because my daughter's blog shares that title. And, she's a pastry chef-ex-classical pianist. :D I'm a fan of DL, too.

    A Happy Belated Birthday, to you!

  10. Yay!! I'm so glad all this wonderful mail has lifted your spirits. I'm also glad my package made it to you :)

    You have been truly spoiled with lots of things. Mail is always the best mood lifter. And that book! Extraordinary correspondence between two friends. It sounds amazing!

  11. awww i TOTALLY feel the birthday/friendship love in this post and it makes me sooo happy! i'm so sorry my gift is late (but i'm all about REALLY dragging out birthdays... lol) what GORGEOUS gifts you've received and most deserving!!! i love the starbucks ;) and the vintage london handbag and OF COURSE that darcy tea towel!! i love how everyone knows you :)


    you are such a special birthday girl and such a good friend to all of us, it's wonderful we can have a festive day to celebrate you and show you the generosity you give in return. xo LOVE YOU!!!


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