Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Visitors, smiley face, evening snack

completely unrelated but beautiful photo via here

I'm so tired, and so ready {again} to climb into bed. But just before I go, I think a 3BT would be a good idea.

1. Two of my friends came to visit me today. They brought me pretty notecards and fun fridge magnets, foamy lattes and fresh-baked scones. They kept me company, made me feel like less of an invalid and more like my normal self again. It was really nice.

2. Dylan made me a little paper caterpillar, with a big smiley face. He propped it up on the couch, so I'd see it when I opened my eyes.

3. Alan made me tea, and cut up an apple into thick slices that he sprinkled with cinnamon.

I've also had stacks of mail over the last few days {much of it from many of you! thank you!} I think I'll write about it tomorrow. It's either that or a book review. I've got a few in the works. Anyway... what was that I said about going to bed?!

Good-night from one tired and achy girl {but who feels so blessed and is trying not to complain too much}

PS: I love all the quotes you've shared! Please keep them coming!


  1. Aw! You're getting little gifts all over the place! Paper caterpillars sound like a bunch of fun. :) Plus lattes and scones are better than what I eat even when I do get out. Hah!

  2. All these things you wrote seem amazing, the everyday magic is wonderful. I already found a postcard to send to you :) I think I'll do that first thing monday :) I think we could write to each othereven after the swap, what do you think? :)

  3. There's really nothing like some visitors to brighten your day. I'm so excited I get to virtually visit today!

  4. oh visitors! that's so great. i wish i could visit you in person, but for now, i'll just have to visit you here at your blog. also, apple sticks sprinkled with cinnamon sounds like the most amazing comfort food. why haven't i thought to do that yet?! brilliant. :)

  5. Happiness to you! You are so loved (totally can see why!) I have no clue why you had surgery so I'm about to stalk your blog and find out.


Yay! I love comments.


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