Thursday, March 03, 2011

Yellow, songbirds, his highness

So March is definitely coming in like a lion. We've had rain and snow, high winds and power outages. But today the sun came out for a little while, and it inspired me to write down three beautiful things.I do it in my journal every night, but it's been a while since I've recorded a 3BT here.

1. There is a daffodil in our garden whose yellow head is beginning to show. Soon there will be dozens more.

2. The birds flutter about the full feeders in our yard. They sing noisily to one another. I am thrilled to see a robin red breast.

3. Sawyer has made a paper crown at preschool. "I don't need my hood, Mum, 'cause it is sunny," he tells me just before the rain begins to fall again. "And I have this crown instead, so don't worry."

pretty painting by Tasha Tudor whose art I have always loved, via my tumblr


  1. Sounds like spring is definitely on it's way to you! How wonderful. And a paper crown?! That sounds marvellous.

  2. I really, really love daffodils. They are so beautiful and springy and remind me of home. And Sawyer is such a darlin!

  3. love daffs, you always know spring is coming. I want a paper crown.

  4. Love that little boy logic! I can't wait for Spring...

    The inch of ice covering our roads today makes it seem very far away :(


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