Friday, March 04, 2011

Flowers for your Friday

Yay! It's Friday again! After a week of drama and injury and illness {not to mention report cards and parent-teacher interviews...}I'm in need of some rest and rejuvenation and that is exactly what I'm going to get.  It's a pro-d day which means a later start, a more relaxed schedule, plenty of hot beverages, a catered lunch, and stimulating adult conversation. I always enjoy the chance to spend more time with my colleagues than recess and lunch hour can provide. 

As for the weekend, I plan to do some shopping {Dylan's birthday is in "only 5 more days!"}, some research {how to turn a rectangular cake into a prehistoric world of dinosaurs}, some reading {if only I can decide what book to read next! the stack on my bedside table keeps growing} and I really must finish a piece I've been writing for Megan's blog on blog friends and why I love them. Ooh, and sleeping in a bit would be awfully nice, too...

How about you? What are you doing this first weekend of March? Whatever it is, I hope it's fun. And that pretty umbrellas and pink tulips will be involved {that's the other thing I'm doing, buying myself some flowers... it's a must, non?!}

E xo


  1. that picture is so beautiful!

  2. yes, you definitely need to get yourself some flowers and enjoy a weekend full of things that thrill your soul! you deserve it my dear, especially after this week. whew! i'm so glad you're okay after all those mishaps. it could have been so much worse right? anyway, have a very merry weekend!

  3. I agree, you certainly deserve the biggest bouquet of the most beautiful flowers after the week you've had!!!

    Have fun shopping for Dylan! :) My coworker went shopping for his son's birthday on his lunch break today. It's so much to see what he picked out and hear how excited he is for his son's birthday party this weekend. Since I don't have little ones of my own I enjoy hearing about my friend's and family's kiddos :) And Dylan and Sawyer are two of my top favourites!

    Have a great weekend Erin! xo

  4. Ok I have been out of the loop - lost internet for 2 weeks - go figure argh!! YOU HIT YOUR FINGER WITH AN AXE ! OMG!!! I hope you are doing ok! Please take care get your self some beautiful Fleurs and have a wonderful weekend - I am going to write you a letter !
    Love and hugs Kelly

  5. I won't bore you with my weekend schedule -- I'm stuck doing school stuff. Enjoy your weekend, Erin! I hope it's a relaxing but productive on!


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