Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Typing's still tricky

... so I'm going to tackle the housework instead. Pretty sure I haven't mopped this place in a month. And the playroom looks like a bomb went off {a bomb that threw traintracks and dinosaurs to all four corners of the room and every little spot in between!}

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Forget doing the ironing though! The way my week's going, that's just an accident waiting to happen...

PS: Am reading your blogs, I promise! But commenting without spelling mistakes is taking far too long {and I cannot stand spelling mistakes!}. Bear with me? I'll be back to my usual yammering very soon!


  1. oh you poor thing! i'm glad you still have your sense of humor though. ;)

  2. Your house sounds like mine...minus the kids toys lol) now i'm worried about commenting in case of spelling mistakes ;)

  3. Oh Erin!!! Poor you!! I'm so proud of you for even attempting housework in your condition! I hope your finger heals quickly! xo

  4. I completely understand about making the spelling mistakes; I think it is the teacher in us ;)

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  5. understandable!!!

    hope you're fine with everything!

    HAPPY WEEKEND for you!!!


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