Tuesday, March 01, 2011


So yesterday I whacked my finger with the axe {accidentally, of course!} and it hurt like hell. I got blood all over everything and almost fainted at the sight of it. Super. What is up with me lately?

Anyway, am now all bandaged up and realizing just how tricky it is to type without the use of one of my fingers! {really. bloody. difficult! no pun intended...} In fact, it has taken me about three times as long to type this as it should because my big bandaged finger keeps hitting all the wrong buttons! So, instead of the glowing book review I'd planned to write about The Help {oh! so good!}, I'll leave you with some pretty pictures from my tumblr archive instead, and the promise to be back soon with book reviews, resolutions and other good stuff, okay? Okay.

Don't they make you smile, each and every one? Happy 1st day of March!


  1. I should first commiserate, but I have to say your pictures really hit the spot...ooh...ahhh. Now I will say sorry you are injured, hope it soon gets better, and next time do not wield an axe when distracted! xx

  2. Happy first day of March to you as well! Spring is nearly here!

    Yikes, I'm sorry about your finger. It is terrible when you lose the capability to type. Sometimes I start taking it for granted then have to bandage one for some reason and I go crazy!

    Hope you heal up very soon!

  3. good lord, you have had a string of misfortune lately haven't you? yikes! i hope life turns right around this week and gives back a little extra for all the trouble it's caused. be careful out there! :)

  4. Yikes! I can relate. When I just about burned the pad of my index finger off a few weeks ago in a pot of boiling caramel, I almost passed out from the pain and had to stay off the computer for a few days. Not fun.

    Indulge yourself this week. You have an excuse! ;)

  5. Pinch punch... first of the month!! {Although I wouldn't dare pinch or punch you in your current sorry state.} Stay away from sharp stuff, ok?

    Oh & thanks for the pretty photos. I think I'm in love with that purple-y cake! XOXO!!

  6. What in the world were you doing with an axe? I'm glad you're ok, but no more sharp objects for awhile, yes? And I love these tumblr images, especially the last one there of a cake. How I'd love to be able to make something so beautiful!

  7. Nothing like beautiful pictures to make you feel better.

    I hope your finger is ok :( That sounds pretty horrible! Hopefully no more sickness or pain!

  8. I hope your finger is feeling better! That doesn't sound like any fun at all.

    Aren't you just loving The Help? I might re-read that book this summer just for fun :)

  9. I love all the pretty pictures you post. And ouch! That sounds really really painful. I hope you recover quickly!

  10. Just catching up on my blogs and saw this...OUCH! Hope you are okay. Eeeek!

    (The Eiffel Tower picture made me smile.)

  11. I did that to myself once with my butcher knife, and so I can only imagine how it's hindering things for you. I hope you heal quickly.


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