Monday, February 28, 2011

Much Love Monday

Wow. Is it Monday again already? I've got a lot of stuff to do today, so I'll have to be quick with my Much Love post. Today I am loving that:
  • I got to spend some more time with Em this weekend. We had a fabulous time chatting, laughing, eating {way. too. much. French. cheese}, and staying up late. It was great.

On Saturday we went out for brunch in Kits. Sophie's is a popular breakfast spot, so we had to sit outside on the patio in the snow! They had heat lamps though. It was an experience... and I'm so glad I went!

  • I had a perfect little spot to sit on the ferry. I drank my tea, wrote in my journal, penned a few postcards and enjoyed the view of the sea and the gulf islands
Aah, perfect...
  • My gall bladder waited until I reached the island to start spasming. Seriously scary. Imagine labour pains/heart attack type stuff. Yikes! I did NOT love that at all. But what was good is that I've had one before so I knew what was happening. I was glad it didn't happen on board the ship. And the BC Ferries people at the terminal were awesome. They looked after me, they calmed me down {as best as they could}, they called the ambulance... And in the end, after a few hours in the ER {alas, I didn't see McDreamy or McSteamy anywhere}, they decided I didn't need emergency surgery. Instead, I'll have a scheduled one with a gall bladder specialist. I can handle that.
  • And finally, the lovely Colin Firth and his amazingly wonderful movie, The King's Speech, won the best actor and best picture Oscars!!! Just as it should be...

How was your weekend? And what are you loving this Monday?


  1. I love that you carry your journal and some postcards with you. It makes me realise that I need a bigger bag so I can do the same.

    Oh no! I hope you are alright. Something similar like that has happened to me before. (not gall bladder but monthly pains).

    Get better! x

  2. Oh goodness! That would scare me. Now I feel a bit ridiculous getting worried about wisdom teeth surgery. I'm glad you're alright and I hope the specialist can figure out what's best!

    Glad you could see your friend again!

  3. Yikes, I'm so sorry to hear about your gall bladder attack. I hope you are okay, how scary.
    And I just have to say that I LOVE that ferry ride that you took is my favourite ride ever. Just beautiful!
    Glad you had a nice girl's weekend.

  4. JUST AS IT SHOULD BE... i was so thrilled! :)

    Sophie's looks amazing, esp. with the menus! how fun to eat outside (glad you bundled up in your pretty scarves) even if it was snowing thanks to the heat lamps! when we first got to el paso, it was absolutely freezing and it we went out with some of his friends to a bar that had just opened, so it was packed. we had to enjoy our drinks outside on the patio but they had heat lamps as well and they work good so it was fun :) plus with drinking, well it warms you up ;)

    the view of your coffee and postcards are my favorite way to write a letter/note for sure.

    Gall Bladder Scare sounds like my worse nightmare!! i'm glad you're okay!!! drats for no McDreamy's.

    my weekend was pretty good! had a date with my netflix (husband works all weekend long), wrote letters, and created! cleaned just a bit.

    this monday i'm loving that my husband is off the next 4 days!! :)

  5. Man, I want to ride a ferry, writing postcards and drinking tea!

    ...but, I'll happily live vicariously through you doing so :)

    I'm trying to perk up...feelimg schleppy after a work-filled weekend.

  6. I'm so sorry to hear about your gall bladder, but I'm glad you didn't need surgery. Hopefully, a specialist can figure out what's wrong and get you all fixed up. Despite that, I'm glad you had a lovely weekend, Erin!

  7. I love everything about your jaunt over to Vancouver EXCEPT the gall bladder part.

    Damn you, delicious French cheeses {& malfunctioning internal organs!}


  8. It's lovely to carry your journal and some postcards with you. I'm sorry to hear about your gall bladder. Hope everythings is going to be well. Warm hugs

  9. Oh no! A gallbladder attack? That sounds awful! I hope you feel better ASAP.

  10. i'm so happy you got to enjoy your whole trip with em before your gall bladder ordeal. how awful! i hope you are doing something extra nice for yourself this week!

  11. Loving that photo of you and Em! :) Would have loved to have been there with you two at Sophie's - sounds delicious and worth enjoying it outside on the patio despite the cold! :)

    You and your Starbucks :) I can't even remember the last time I had Starbucks! Love how you make even your spot on the ferry look cozy :)

    SO sorry about your gall bladder, but SO glad you didn't have to have emergency surgery! The way you described it sounds painful! How nice the BC Ferries people were so amazing. I love the kindness of strangers! :)

    I was SO happy for Colin! :) You & Micaela called his Oscar win :)

  12. What about the part where your loving sister rushed to your side in your time of need?

  13. amanda- good point! i liked that part a lot. so much more fun to hang out in the er with you than on my own!


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