Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sick day

Greetings from the couch, where the boys and I are spending the day. All three of us are sick, with some sort of nasty flu/cold combination. The plan is to cuddle under blankets, sip hot tea and cold juice, drink chicken noodle soup, watch tv, read books, and snooze as much as we can. Hopefully I'll be back into the normal routine tomorrow and we'll all be feeling ourselves again. Because being sick when your kids are sick really sucks...

PS: My sister just emailed to remind me that it's the Ides of March today. No wonder we're in such rough shape. You know what they said to Caesar about March 15th, right?


  1. Being sick is no fun! But luckily there's a silver lining, which is getting lots of snuggle time with your boys!

  2. et tu erin?! beware the ides of march! oh so sorry you're all so sick today! you poor dears. well, i'm glad you at least have some daffodils out your window. also, you have something to look forward to in your mailbox soon. sending you lots of healthy thoughts and hugs!

  3. Oh, dear! Hope you all feel better soon and you won't get too feverish.
    Enjoy the couch time, though.

  4. oh! i forgot to add that i think caring for your boys, even though you yourself are sicky mcsickerson, is definitely meeting your giving challenge. what's more selfless than that?

  5. I just now {@ 10:30 pm in France!} remembered about the Ides of March. Boo hiss!

    Drink lots of fluids, stay cozy & rest, rest, rest!! I'll check in on you tomorrow. XOXO!

  6. Ugh, sorry to hear! Can only imagine how much more difficult it is to care for the little ones while you yourself are feeling ill. Enjoy some rest (and extra snuggle time :)

  7. Oh dear! I hope you've had a slow, quiet day at home and everyone is beginning to feel better. Maybe breakfast for dinner would help?

  8. Get well soon! Being sick is certainly no fun.
    Rest and relax! xox

  9. feel better soon lovely, drink lots of tea and rest :-)

  10. I hope you all feel better soon:)

  11. How funny that you mention that because my own Ides of March was terrible.!
    First time at your blog, and I hope you feel better soon.

  12. Oh dear, sending you all get well soon wishes!

    (though I must confess, M, fresh off a flight from Japan yesterday, has been sick all day today - I really didn't want to head off to work this morning as the thought of staying in bed watching DVDs and drinking juice was just too tempting! I know it is less fun when you are actually ill though!)

  13. Dearest Erin,

    So sorry to hear that you are all ill. And like you said, it is REALLY hard being ill when your children are ill too! Hopefully you are all on the mend now and can greet spring germ-free.

    I too loved The Help, and could not put it down! I read The Book Thief a few years ago, but remember slightly dreading 'attacking' it because of the place and time it was set in, but also remember finding it a compelling read, touching but bearable because of the way in which it was written. I hope you like it too.

    One of my personal favourite authors has for a long time been Toni Morrison. More her earlier books than her later ones, and sometimes they are rather complex and a rather challenging read. Perhaps you have read her? Beloved is one of her most famous ones, but I don't think I would have enjoyed that as much, had I not 'tasted' her style and understood some of her recurring themes by reading Song of Solomon first.

    Is is always a little scary giving book advice to people you don't know, but if your liked The Help, you might also enjoy The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd. Have you perhaps read it?

    Other gripping titles are of course The Kite Runner and A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini (which you have probably read), but they are not the lightest of bedtime reads...

    Anyway, I will stop there, before I get out of control in a passionate outburst of literature appreciation... :-)

    Again, get well soon and thank you for visiting my blog.

    Warm regards,


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