Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Daffs, books, teacups, soccerballs

Still sick over here and feeling downright sorry for myself! My cough has turned nasty but at least my fever and all the aches and pains have subsided. The boys have improved too, though Sawyer still looks pretty rough {he's had such a runny nose and watery eyes that his face is all red and raw-looking... poor little guy}. Oh, and the worst bit? Alan is now ill. And as we all know, a sick husband is no fun at all! 

Anyway, I had planned to do a big Wish List Wednesday post today, with all my Etsy favourites, in preparation for my birthday {less than three weeks away!} but I ended up spending my day making soup and jello and tea, resting on the couch, entertaining whiny kids, and sitting in the doctor's office for an hour. And not because I've got such a nasty cold. Nope. Because I've got a surgery date to have my gall bladder removed. And... are you ready for this? It's next week! Needless to say, am not looking forward to that. At least I don't have too long to fret about it. 10 days from now I'll be home and recovering! Crazy. Not the way I expected to be finishing off my spring break.

But enough of my little pity party. Things will be looking up soon, and we'll all be feeling so much better by the time April rolls around, right? Right. And so, in the spirit of looking on the bright side, how about a 3BT to end the day?

1. There are daffodils in bloom all over our front garden. Each sunshiney yellow flower makes me smile.

2. My friend Maria surprised me in the school parking lot today with a new book, an early birthday present she said. It's The Forgotten Garden, by Kate Morten. I have been wanting to read it for ages! Perhaps I'll start tonight.

3. Drinking tea out of my new teacups from Lauryn. They arrived in the mail yesterday. Such a nice surprise, on such a lousy day.

{and one more, because 4BT is even better than 3, am I right?}
4. Kicking the soccer ball around with the boys in the garden after supper tonight. The fresh air did us a world of good. Thank you, daylight savings time.

Happy Wednesday, friends! We're more than half-way to the weekend!
 {ooh! I think that's #5!}


  1. Oh dear! What a day!
    You're so good at finding 3 (or 5!!) BT even in the worst days. And those things really are lovely.

    Feel better, and do try not to worry about the gall bladder surgery- my mother had it, several friends have had it, and it really is relatively painless, it seems.

  2. congtrats on your surgery date.... exactly when? Will be sending good wishes your way.
    The forgotten garden is so brilliant, enjoy every page!

  3. yikes on your surgery, I hope it goes ok, try not to worry too much.

    Our first daffodils opened in our front garden yesterday and I'm so excited by them, yeay for spring.

  4. I'm glad you're enjoying your new teacups!

    If you're ever interested in posting about it I'd be interested in hearing more about the healthcare experience of someone living in Canada. We hear a lot of different stories about wait times, etc so it would be nice to hear about straight from someone who lives it every day!

  5. i so hope you are feeling better (alan too!) and when i read you were getting your gall bladder removed on twitter i thought, "oomph, this now when she's feeling dreadful!?"

    but daffodils, an early birthday gift (speaking of gifts, you must take a photo of the teacups from lauryn! she's such a sweetheart), and your boys make up for it!!!

    btw-- i loved how festive you always are (erm well the leprechauns! lol) i bet they LOVED that surprise! how adorable.

    i've already marked your birthday on my calendar so get on with your post of favourites because you know how slow the post can be between us ;)


  6. I'm sorry to hear you're still feeling ill (and that your husband is now ill too). Don't worry though -- spring is most definitely on its way. I'm sure the daffodils are telling you that. I know spring is here because I finally get a break. A full week off. Oh Thank Goodness! (And it's officially spring break now.)


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