Sunday, March 27, 2011

Scenes from the weekend

The last few days of spring break were the best ones. I was finally starting to feel better {except for the pulled-muscle pain every time I cough, which is still far too often for my liking}. We got out of the house into the sunshine. A lot. Because hey... sunshine is so good for you!

Sunshine + daffodils = springtime!

Pretty purple crocuses beside the house.

Whispered giggles between Alan and the boys, after a trip to the Trick & Joke Shop.

Sawyer heads for the longhouse at the Royal BC Museum. See the cherry blossoms overhead?

Emulating the work of Emily Carr, with watercolour pencils and wet paintbrushes

An Emily Carr painting in the new exhibit

Boys and friends, enjoying the view of the harbour from the top floor of the museum.

Mom's birthday party at Goldstream Park. The menfolk lean on the fence and eat their cupcakes.

My sis and my mom, really enjoying the fudge cupcakes with cream-cheese icing. Yum!

Sawyer goes for a run by the river.

Saturday afternoon at the school playground. Dylan perfects his climbing-wall skills.

Bob blends in to the living room rug during an evening nap. 

Warm Fuzzy jars, almost full. This time we're working towards a reward of a trip to Miniature World. Or a picnic at the beach. All depends on the weather.

Tea and raspberries and a good book make for a lovely Saturday night.

It's Sunday afternoon now, grey and raining {sigh}. In a little while we're going to head over to the mall to mail a stack of letters, and to sit a while in Starbucks with some hot chocolate. After that, it's home to construct some Lego and make a big pot of broccoli soup. Should I make some baking powder biscuits to go with it, or just pick up a baguette while we're out? Decisions, decisions...

Hope you had a lovely weekend, dear friends. See you back here tomorrow for Much Love Monday?
E xo


  1. So glad that you are feeling better. Spring definitely looks like it's making it's waybto Canada, Autumn is beautiful here at the moment. I hope your all 100% really soon x

  2. me too, i am SO GLAD you are feeling better love!!!

    because i was so excited to see photos of your mom's birthday (adorable pic of birthday girl + sis! how kismet is this and funny-- my twin sis and momma are enjoying cupcakes at this very moment! they sent me a pic and i wish oh wish to be there!! suppose home made pizza will have to suffice... sniff!)

    the museum when i was little was the place i loved when our pappa took us-- adorable you took your boys and friends! i bet you two are the coolest parents :)

    genius idea on the "rewards" jar! i'll have to remember that one!

    ooh so i thought of you also this weekend because i finally bought some plants for our house! truth be told the only thing i could ever keep alive is a bamboo plant cos they're impossible to kill right? but i got some pretty geraniums to hang from our porch and a regular plant for inside... if i can do these, i can start on a garden like yours i hope! HA! it'll be an extra challenge in remembering to water here in dry dry dry el paso! wish me luck.


  3. Ohh these pictures are great! I love that you took photos of each moment!

    Those warm fuzzy jars are such an awesome idea! I will have to keep that one in mind.

    I have read that book but to be honest I don't really remember it (Catching Fire had just come out and I was in the middle of that book so I sped read it to read Catching Fire - I have this weird thing where I have to finish my current book before I can move on to another one)

    Eee! Look forward to mail from you! x

  4. Weird. I saw KM's Forgotten Garden today at Chapters; I didn't buy it, but for no particular reason I thought of you. Maybe that's because I'm still deciding what book(s) to send tomorrow. :) Happy reading!

    Good to hear you mailed some letters today. I'll write mine tonight. Oh, joy! Perfect end to the weekend.

    Lovely pics, thanks for sharing, EP. I loved the cheery spring flow'rs!

    Another EP

  5. What a fun weekend! Love all those little scenes that make up life. And sunshine...we saw a tiny bit. It is soggy outside, though!

  6. I adore the 'warm fuzzies' idea! I will definitely use that for my own children one day!

    Love the photos too - I love that grown men still adore cupcakes :)

    x Jasmine

  7. Sounds like a busy weekend, I get why your mum and sister are enjoying the cupcakes, they look great.
    I love the cherry blossoms, still too early for that here, but the sun is shining, so I'm full of hope that spring is here to stay:)

  8. Ooh, I love a "Scenes from the Weekend" post! Those are wonderful photos. And you know what? The boys look so cheerful & rosy-cheeked that you'd never know that the plague has swept through your house so recently. I'm awfully glad you're all on the mend, finally.

    Oh, and great photo of Bob. Now I miss him too. :(

  9. Your weekend looks lovely! I just don't understand how you guys have the warm weather and Spring flowers when you're further North than we are :) hehe

  10. What a lovely post Erin! Your crocuses are gorgeous :)

    I'm off to check out your Warm Fuzzy link - you have me super curious!!!


  11. that looks like such a great spring break! i'm so glad you were finally able to feel well enough to enjoy it. i love all the flowers that are in bloom, and have i told you your mom looks WAY too young to have grown up daughters and grandkids? those are some good genes you have there. :)

    i hope this is the week when you start feeling 100% better!

  12. i am going to adopt your fuzzy reward jar idea, and save up for a trip to New York. I did all my laundry and defrosted the freezer. How many fuzzies do i get for that? Off to be a good wife.:)x

  13. So glad you were able to enjoy some of your spring break and forget about being sick. Some of that sunshine is precisely what I need right now -- it's been awfully overcast here lately. Honestly, I'm kinda glad I won't be in San Diego this summer. I hear it's all gloom and grey a good portion of the time. I'm sure Vancouver and Victoria are MUCH better, yes?

  14. Oh my, how good is "The Forgotten Garden??" I devoured that book a few months back. So glad to hear you're in better spirits, Erin. Here's to hoping they stay that way for a long long time (sickies, be gone!)


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