Monday, February 15, 2010

Warm fuzzies

I love to wander through other people's blogs, sharing thoughts and ideas, getting inspired... This idea- warm fuzzies in a jar- is fantastic! I love the positive reinforcement, the visual reminder of how well you're doing at being kind or helpful or maybe even a teeny bit tidier... Too often, I find myself taking things away as a means to encourage good behaviour. But I like this idea way better, don't you? And I know my boys will, too. And that is why I am going out to buy some colourful, fuzzy pompoms right this second.


  1. cute idea...i very much like this! we used to make warm fuzzies at our school for each other...they had little eyes and feet...with a pom pom body....they were special!

  2. no warm fuzzies at our house, although I love it. we have a peanut butter jar full gradually filling with golf balls. doesn't take as many to fill, so the reward comes quicker and it's something Mac can grab and hold onto all on his own!

    I love how excited Mac gets for his big treat when the jar is full. A book here and there, swiiming, a hand puppet and this time a trip to the Olympics with Daddy and Gran! Lucky boy!

  3. We were given this idea to use as a whole class management system back in teacher training but using marbles. Kids loved it - sure your boys will too! You can get glittery ones here - Sawyer would like those


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