Monday, March 28, 2011

Much Love Monday {mail and other stuff}

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Hello, and welcome to the last Monday in March! Soon it will be April. I love April, and not just because it is my birthday month, but because it means warmer days and tulips and Easter, too! Other things I'm loving this Monday include:
  • spinach and ricotta canelloni, made by me
  • my friend Shannon, whose birthday is today! I have something exciting up my sleeve for her birthday present {stay tuned...}
  • all the letters I've managed to write lately- it's fun to send off lots of love in the post
  • this gorgeous little bird that I bought as a present to myself for getting through the miserable month of March {March isn't usually miserable, but this one has been particularly bad for illness and injury and plague-like symptoms!}

I obviously couldn't resist him
  • Parenthood, Season 2 {am powering through episodes at breakneck speed! Love that crazy Braverman family}
  • watching Dylan carefully follow the directions to construct another Lego vehicle {we've got an entire city of Lego taking over the playroom} and seeing how proud he is of himself when it's done
  • reading The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe to the boys each night. Dylan's face, when he discovered Alan was alive again... pure joy!
  • making plans for my birthday, which is a week from tomorrow {I'm thinking afternoon tea with my favourite girlfriends sounds fun}
  • the letters I received this week from Gracie, Kelly and Kim {Kim's contained a silly LOST joke that totally made me laugh out loud!}
  • the fabulous and completely unexpected package I received from Bethany a few days ago... {thanks, Bethany! I love it!}

Beautifully wrapped, lovely card, amazing fabric flower

 It took me ages to open... didn't want to ruin the pretty packaging!

Fabulous London calendar, full of gorgeous vintage prints like this one

The flower is actually a brooch which I will be wearing soon {Easter Sunday, maybe?} but Sawyer just couldn't resist trying it on. "Do I look beautiful, Mum?" he wanted to know!

* * *

Hope you have found loads of things to love this Monday, too!


  1. That's right! Your birthday is soon. I need to get my act together ASAP! Happy Monday, my dear! (Keep an eye on your mailbox this week.)

  2. That little birdie is just the thing you need in the face of all this illness! :)

    And, I'm so happy to hear Sawyer felt beautiful while wearing that little flower! As I said, little pieces of London will always, always make me think of you! :)

  3. Reading this was a beautiful end to my lovely Monday. Thanks for writing, EP.

  4. Well I'm glad that it's nearly your birthday month and you can move on from all the sickness of March.

    I adore what Bethany sent you. That little pink flower would be gorgeous and perfect for Easter Sunday.

    You definitely have lots of love :)

  5. this post was such a pick me up!

    um, and we were really destined to *meet* bday is a week today, one day after yours!


  6. I hope April teats you better, you deserve it. Love the little birdie, adorable. Oh and we too are a Lego family.

  7. Spinach and ricotta canneloni sounds wonderful! I think you've just inspired me to cook something Italian tonight. Thank you!

    I hope you're feeling better in time for your birthday month! And once April is done, it's my birthday month! Good things are definitely on their way!

  8. as you know, i believe in treats for ourselves when we are most deserving ;) that bird cheers ME up! i love his feet.

    as a treat for sticking with pilates and how relaxed i feel afterwards, i got myself some nice bubble bath and moisturizing socks ;) because sometimes it's all about the date you have with yourself priming right?

    i hope your friend shannon had a great birthday! and i'm so excited for yours coming up!!! :)

    oh my goodness, i wish with all my heart food was able to travel fast through the post cos i would beg you for some spinach and ricotta canelloni ;)

    yay for happy mail! bethany is just as sweet and thoughtful as you and i can't get over the flower pin on sawyer :) and yes! wear it on easter sunday



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