Thursday, March 31, 2011

Party planning advice needed!

So I found out yesterday that my surgery has been rescheduled for next Thursday. One week from today! Yikes. I had been planning on getting a group of girlfriends together next weekend to celebrate my birthday, but I don't think I'm going to be up to it now. I'll likely be sound asleep in my bed most of the weekend. My birthday is this Tuesday! I don't want to miss out on having some sort of a party. That would just be sad. So, I quickly sent out an email, inviting the girls I love to come to my place this Saturday night for a drinks, appies, movie evening. Most of them have replied and can make it {whew! I was worried, since it was such short notice}. Now I need your help!

If you were coming to my impromptu birthday shindig this Saturday night {I wish you could! wouldn't that be fun?}, what would you want to eat and drink? Should I attempt to make fancy drinks with umbrellas in them {I don't have a blender, but maybe I could borrow my mom's} or just get a few bottles of wine? Would a dessert buffet be fun or should I make an assortment of appetizers and have one dessert for after? Can you recommend some tasty treats that are quick and relatively easy to make, but also appropriately festive and delicious? And finally... what's a fun, light-hearted, girly movie that we're all going to enjoy?

Advise away, my friends! I know you're full of fabulous ideas. It's just one of the reasons I love you.


  1. I think wine and snacks or wine and desserts would be very tasty and less work for you.

    As far as movies go... have you seen The Jane Austen Book Club? I loved that one.

  2. If I ever came by your place I would expect to get tea:)
    And I have seen some of the wonderful cakes you and the boys have made, so maybe the boys could help you out!
    Then again a glass of wine and a few snacks would be lovely as well:) Good luck on the short time for planning!

  3. Fried Green Tomatoes at The Whistle Stop Cafe is one of my all time favs. you need to watch it :) hop eyou have a fab weekend! Oh and you can never go wrong with wine :)

  4. I love "When Harry Met Sally," and I think dessert after dessert would be great!

    Happy birthday and good luck with your surgery! Let us know asap how you are!

  5. I agree with the 1st comment: wine and desserts :-) lovely greetings

  6. oh, i think whatever you do it should be exactly what YOU are wanting - fancy, quirky, casual - whatever will make you happy. also, consider how much time/effort you have to devote. grab a few bottles of wine if you don't have much time, or if you have the energy, you could do cocktails or make a really fun hot drinks bar. you could make your own "adult" lattes with baileys and different flavorings maybe?

    one of my favorite, simple ideas was for a baby shower that tiffany went to:
    cute right? i love the idea of getting all dolled up then indulging in a sweet childhood favorite. but if you want something more grown-up, you could do the alcoholic hot drinks and cookies. along those lines, you could maybe have a cookie decorating party? you could just get a bunch of ingredients and then everyone gets a little bit of dough to make whatever type of cookies they want {chocolate, cranberries, nuts, etc.}.

    i also love fondue for any type of party. it's so easy to just buy a few things, tell your guests to bring something to dip, and then enjoy. not much prep work needed.

    and some good girly movie suggestions are: any of the movies i listed on my blog last thursday, or one of the fabulous audrey hepburn movies, leap year, or sixteen candles.

    those are my suggestions. i'm sure whatever you do, it will be fabulous and fun!

  7. Go Bridget and serve marmalade blue dinner. Blue is a great food theme.... you can add blue food dye to all cakes and to 7up also... looks FAB!

  8. This sounds like great fun. I'm not too good with food but appetisers are always welcome. Some dessert is never wrong and who doesn't like a little drink with their dessert :)


  9. my friends and i have regular girls' nites that consist of lots of wine, m&m's, swedish fish/berries, chocolate covered anything, wasabi peas...the list goes on!

    then there's the table of dips: guacamole, spinach, asiago, ...

    and finally desserts: our go-to favourite is pillsbury crescent rolls with little pieces of our favourite chocolate inside, served up with berries.

    have a wonderful bday weekend!

  10. Everything you said sounds fun. At first you said fun drink and I was all STRAWBERRY DAQUIRIS then dessert was mentioned and I thought DESSERT BAR? HECK YES. But then you tore my heart assunder by mentioning APPETIZERS. What's a girl to do??

    I think you can't go wrong.

    Girly movie? Huh. Now that IS a stumper! I think I've just been watching boy movies lately. :( I guess it happens when you live with guys. No matter what I'm sure you'll have a great time! You're such a considerate hostess.

    I'm sure your surgery will go fine! But you're right, plenty of bed rest will be excellent for you.

  11. cheese! this is an excuse to eat lots of cheese! buy a few varieties, add some fruit, crackers and a bottle o'wine and you're good to go.

  12. Oh, the things you can do! I always thought an ice cream/candy/single delicious cake birthday party would be fun. Actually, I have a recipe for a chocolate cake with ice cream and this caramel-ish topping that is heavenly and perfect indulgent. When it comes down to it, it's YOUR birthday -- what are you in the mood for? Maybe have everyone bring a good movie snack (something savory) and then get whatever your favorite dessert is for the sweet. I'm sorry. My comment is all over the place. My brain is just really on overload at the moment.

  13. wine + finger foods! or just even cheese and desserts :)

    lauryn has good taste-- i LOVED "the jane austen book club." when i was falling apart this summer, that movie really was there for me. it's fun and touching and reminds you how good it is to have girls you can trust to always be there even when life is crazy busy.

    so if you haven't seen that one, i echo that choice! i think it would be perfect ;)

    or "heartbreaker" would be the perfect choice for you, cos a.) french and b.) SO lighthearted and fun!

    can't wait to hear all about it!!! And i SO WISH i could go!

  14. How was your party? I hope you had a wonderful time.

    Love the cupcakes in the glass cups, totally adorable


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