Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A date with Wills and Kate

Are you at all excited about the Royal Wedding next month? I must confess that I am! I remember quite clearly the day that Charles and Diana got married. I was a little girl, and I was enamoured with the whole idea of a real-life fairy tale wedding. I had the commemorative paper dolls and everything! Of course that wedding didn't lead to a happily ever after, but I've got a good feeling about Prince William and his soon-to-be princess bride. They are older and wiser than Diana was, and Kate has had a good long taste of what lies ahead. I think she knows what she's in for, and she's as ready for it as she can be. It seems pretty obvious too, that these two actually really love each other. No arranged marriage here!

These two make a gorgeous couple, don't they? Love their engagement photo...

So, because I'm a wee bit of a Royal watcher {what with living in Victoria, and being married to a Brit}, I've gone ahead and made some seriously crazy, but super-fun plans for celebrating the big day! On April 29th, my friend Shannon and I will be attending "Rise and Shine with the Royals" at the elegant  Fairmont Empress Hotel.

Now, we live on the West Coast, which means we are a full 8 hours behind England-time. But that's not going to stop us from joining in the fun. The Rise and Shine tea and breakfast starts at 3 a.m.! We're going to be watching a live broadcast of the Royal Wedding on big-screen TVs in the Empress tea lobby, while we enjoy a full English breakfast {eggs made to order, crumpets and jam, fruit, pastries, tea and coffee, and even- for those who enjoy that sort of thing- the traditional kippers and baked beans!} It should be a lot of fun. I can't wait to see Kate's dress, and to watch the royal procession make its way from Westminster Abbey back to Buckingham Palace where they'll kiss and wave from the balcony. It makes my girly heart feel giddy.  I think I might wear my tiara {yes, I own a tiara... don't you?}

Do you have plans for celebrating the Royal Wedding? Do tell! {What time will it be where you are? Hopefully something more civilized than 3 o'clock in the morning!}


  1. i'm so jealous! that sound fab! I'll be working ALL DAY!! How awfull! i'll just have to watch the highlights on iplayer :)

  2. oooo Erin that sounds wonderful - I am envious!! If you think there will be space at your table let me know!!

    I remember very clearly my parents waking me up to see Charles & Diana get married - so magical :)


  3. No plans, but I love their exciting photos. :) I like the idea of a fairy tale wedding but I don't really understand a royal family. I've tried to get information about their true roles in politics.... It's confusing.

    Hope you have a fun time though! It'd be fun to celebrate with a girlfriend - who doesn't love proposal and wedding stories? I LOVE them.

    I wish I had a tiara but, alas, I do not.

    You just got your necklace today?? I mailed that weeks ago! Wow. Well, at least it's there.

  4. i love them, that picture you posted is the cutest! : ) i won't get to watch live, but i'll check out clips after. YOUR plans sound awesome, tho! i would totally do that if there was something going on around here. : )

  5. I'm soooooo excited for the Royal wedding but just realized it will be 3 am up in Whitehorse too. I wanted to do a tea party with my girlfriends but I don't think they'd be up for that at 3 am and we don;t have a fancy hotel that will be doing anything, so I guess it will just be myself watching it.
    I have a good feeling about them too. Like you said, Kate has more experience then Diana had and she knows what is in store in term of the lifestyle.
    They are such a sweet couple I'm in love with love!

  6. I don't have any plans but this is pretty awesome. I love that you're going to tea at 3 am! I'm sure I'll be watching some of the coverage, it's always fun to see history in the making - and what everyone's wearing :)

  7. Sounds like fun, I don't have plans on my own so far, but it will be at a better hour if I make plans, since we are an hour ahead of England.
    I guess the excitement hasn't really blown me away, but having watched 3 royal Danish wedding over the last 15 years does that(we only have 2 princes, but one got divorced and remarried). I will for sure tune into to see the wedding dress... did that last year as well for the Swedish crown princess wedding.
    Okay I'm starting to get a bit excited:)

  8. Ahhhhh!!! I wish I could join your "Rise and Shine with the Royals" tea and breakfast!!! :) That sounds so lovely, even if does start at 3 AM!! The hotel looks like a castle. You girls are going to have such a blast!!! I wish they did something like this in my Texas town. I'm SO excited about the Royal Wedding. I love Kate! She would have made Diana so proud! I too will be up at 3 AM watching the festivities. Perhaps I'll even wear my tiara and pretend I am watching it with you :)

  9. Hej Erin

    Thank you for your kind comments always...I haven't stopped by in a long while...
    Just got back from London on is v.busy here...
    I live in a MADHOUSE at the moment not a SWEDISH HOUSE lol!
    What a fantastic idea...
    LOVE all the excitement with the Royal wedding...look out for a give away on my blog in the next week or soo...
    I am in London, especially for the Royal wedding, not sure if I will camp out to watch...or watch it from the comfort of my parents house...
    It's soo exciting!

  10. I definitely plan to watch, but no exciting plans like yours!

    Kate is such a beauty. I'm excited to see her dolledup on the big day!

  11. To be honest, I don't really care. I don't know them and they don't know me. It makes no change on my life. Kudos for them but... whatevs.

  12. Yeah, I don't know them either. But it's a little bit of history in the making {they're going to be King and Queen of England someday}, and I'm all for any excuse to drink tea and eat crumpets with some girlfriends!

  13. I'm so glad that someone else is as excited about the wedding as I am. I just talked to my mother in law who doesn't understand how excited I am (it actually made me a little deflated). Then I read your post here, which assures me that the little party my sisters and mom and I are having is completely normal. :)


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