Friday, April 01, 2011

Flowers for your Friday {and some gratitude too}

via hgtv {don't you love flowers in tea cups?}

Happy Friday, and Happy First Day of April! The boys are getting up to all sorts of foolishness for the 1st, but I'll leave that for another post. Right now I'd like to give you some festive spring tulips and share my gratitude for the beautiful things in my life this week {I love Kimbirdy's weekly list, and Micaela's "happy things to end the week with," too... Go take a look, I guarantee they'll make you smile}. Here's my list of way more than 3BT this Friday:

* finally, finally feeling better {my cough is almost gone! hallelujah!}

*all the letters and cards and packages that came in the mail this week, and it's not even my birthday yet!

* the daffodils in my garden have quadrupled in the past few days

* a really great, long phone date with Em where we made an excellent plan regarding our blogs, discussed all sorts of fun things, and laughed a lot

* making some plans to skype with a few of my favourite blogging friends {Brandi and I have to discuss our summer visit!}

* have I mentioned my fairly new, yet deep and abiding love for Parenthood? man, that's a good show!

* our cherry trees are all bloomy

* getting a new surgery date that doesn't interfere with any of my fun April plans {birthday party, Easter egg hunt, Royal Wedding are all still a go!}

* having a really good job where I can take a week off to recover from the aforementioned surgery, and still get paid

* the help I know I'm going to get from family and friends on {and after} surgery day... I'm a lucky girl to be surrounded by so many wonderful, supportive people

* several sunny afternoons to warm up the house and cheer up my mood

* collecting shells and stones on a windy beach with my boys, admiring the snow-capped mountains and bright blue ocean waves

* Alan is really good at foot rubs, which is handy because my feet are killing me lately

* reading The Forgotten Garden... epically complicated, but oh-so-good!

* all your awesome ideas for my birthday party {thank you, girls! I knew I could count on you}

* minty bubble baths

There's more, I'm sure. I've got a journal filled with lines like this. But right now I've got to get ready for school. Fridays in the first grade are craaaaazy!  I'll be back tomorrow with a Saturday morning daydream. In the meantime...


  1. such a feel-good post! hope your birthday weekend is better than you ever imagined! xo

  2. It sounds like you have a lot going on. Wishing you good health. Happy April, happy Friday. xoxo

  3. Flowers and cherry trees sound absolutely dreamy right now! I'm jealous :)

    I MUST start watching Parenthood. I hear so many good things about it!

    Happy Friday!

  4. i adore that illustration, and i adore YOU! i'm so excited you're feeling much better, and have had a week full of flowers, packages, & loved ones. and i have no doubt you'll be spending your days playing along with your boys tricks. how fun! :)

  5. I love that illustration at the bottom! Happy April, Erin -- I really can't wait for our Skype chat!!! (There aren't enough exclamations in the world to express the level of my excitement.

  6. That illustration is adorable. So glad to hear 1). you're feeling better, and 2). your lengthy gratitude list full of wonderful things. Happy weekend!

  7. after the week i've had (long and horrid) it was so nice to read all about your truly happy things!!! i believe in the small things in life making well, life.

    like foot rubs from a wonderful husband, happy mail, and conversations with the people and friends that get us.

    i'm also thankful that i have a regular blog home to come back to when things are going so upside down... and that's this one. i know i will always leave smiling.

    :) so THANK YOU dear friend!!!

    and thank-you for your sweet comment on my "happy things to end the week with." funny story... said week has been SO bad, i almost didn't post one because i was that grumpy. but then i thought, of all the times to remember to be thankful... and so i sat, and remembered my own "3BT"s and i am so glad i did.


    love you soon to be birthday girl!!!

  8. I hope you are all recovered. Your list of gratitude warmed my heart. I am having a off day and needed some cheer. Thank you.


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