Monday, January 24, 2011

Resolution 3/52

It's been a good week for my resolutions. I went to bed at a decent hour on every weeknight and wrote in my journal every single day {yay, me!} The goal I'd set myself this week was to catch up on my letter writing. It was so good to have told you all my goal. I wanted to be able to come back with a success to report to you, and I'm happy to say I sent out 9 letters and cards between Friday and today. I have a few more I'm working on. It's been so much fun going through all my stationery, and I can't help but hope I get a whole bunch of mail in return. Letters in my mailbox make me very happy!

Now, resolution #4. This week it's about exercise.

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My 10K running clinic begins tomorrow evening, and I'm determined to make the most of my training time this year. The way the clinic works is that we meet once a week and run with our coach, gradually working our way up to longer runs {both distance and time} as the 14 weeks go by. Then we need to do two independent runs each week, following the run/walk plan. This week I am resolved to do both those indpendent runs, no matter how busy I might be with other things. I found it easy last year to get myself to the clinic each week, but not always as easy to commit to the other two runs. I want to start as I mean to go on. So, week 4 of 2011 will see me lacing up my running shoes at least 3 times as I slowly make my way to the starting line of that 10K run on May 1st! Wish me luck?

And now I'm off to bed. Sweet dreams!


  1. I think I need to adopt your resolution for this week! :)

  2. welll done on the letter writting, the recipients will be very pleased, there's nothing beats a nice letter :)

  3. I bet you'll be amazing at it! You can definitely do both of your independent runs. Hope you have a lot of fun!

  4. That sounds like a nice, gradual way to work up to a 10k! I give you a lot of credit for committing to something like that, lol! I reaaaaally need to start running... But instead I just ate a cupcake for breakfast.

  5. I SO need to get back to my regular exercise routine too. I've been overwhelmed and so far behind lately. I'm doing my best to catch up. I wasn't going to do another half marathon until June but I just found out there's going to be one through the Wild Animal Park in March -- wanna come down and run it with me?

  6. YAY YOU!!! :)

    man oh man, i'm getting back to my running days and it hasn't been easy. our neighborhood is FULL of hills and it's killer to get up them. I am also one of those that prefers to run on the treadmill so this has been a def. challenge but you've inspired me with your running clinics and marathons. let's keep each other at it, yes?

    and your comment about brownies after a run being the "usual" made me smile :)

    thank you!!!

    i'm really excited to get a letter from you in my new mailbox-- they're always my fave!


  7. AND you're in training for a race? my goodness, the more I read here, the more I feel like we're long lost kindred spirits :)

  8. Can't wait to see if one of those letters will make its way into my letterbox! I have a sneaky suspicion...

    I think the running clinic is a great idea, I really do and only wish I could take part with you. Of course it is a little too far to travel!

    Good luck and I bet you will smash your previous time in May.


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