Monday, January 24, 2011

Much Love Monday {it's the little things}

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Happy Monday! It's a grey and rainy afternoon here, so we're staying inside, eating grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup, and cozying up on the couch {I love having Mondays off...} until it's time to drop Dylan off at his art class. I'm also making the most of this time to continue my tidying up/re-organizing my rooms project, so I'll keep this short and sweet. Here's what I'm loving this Monday:

  • a long, chatty visit over tea at Starbucks with my friend Sheila this morning
  • watching Sawyer drop a big pile of letters and postcards into the mailbox for me {resolution #3? check!}
  • my soup cookbook
  • the perfect timing of today's Groupon offer in my inbox, 50% off at Frontrunners...and my 10K running clinic starts tomorrow!
  • a one-line email from Em that made me cry happy tears
  • fresh baked oatmeal raisin cookies
What are you loving this Monday? Don't forget to post about it, then link up to Much Love, Anna. I love reading all those positive Monday posts!

I'll be back tonight with resolution updates and maybe a Meal Plan Monday too. I'm feeling inspired! Until then, hope you're having a lovely Monday.
E xo


  1. Your Monday sounds like the perfect way to ease in a new week! Enjoy the rest of your lovely day and hope to catch up with you in your library tomorrow!

  2. Man, I would do just about anything to be having your Monday. :) Mine began with the aftermath of drinking too much wine the night before, being almost late for work (and unshowered), and will continue until late, because on Mondays I go from teaching at the high school during the day to teaching at the prison at night. Busy bee!!

    Grilled cheese and tomato soup is soul-soothing.

  3. A chat at Starbucks sounds so perfect. :) Stacks of postcards and mail? Sounds lovely!

  4. happy monday dear friend,
    mmmmm grilled cheese and tomato soup....comfort food that reminds me of lazy weekends when my dad was on lunch duty. it sounds like a busy but good day...i'm happy to hear it!
    {thanks for always popping in to say really means a lot xx}

  5. I woke up to a great Groupon deal today too! 24 yoga classes for $24! Can't beat that.

    Happy Monday Erin! :)

  6. Now I want a grilled cheese sandwich!

    I found your blog via Much Love Monday.

  7. The little things really are the best. I need a grilled cheese sandwich too. And a tea date with a friend. I'm going to bug some of my philosophy friends to hang out this weekend I think. And there will definitely be grilled cheese in my future.


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