Monday, January 31, 2011

Much Love Monday

via the purl bee

Is it Monday again already? I feel like it was just Friday afternoon a minute ago, and now here we are again, at the beginning of a new week. There's much to love at the moment. Things like:
  • February starts tomorrow! {and that means that January ends today!!!} It also means that Valentine's Day is just two weeks off. I am a fan of Valentine's Day.
  • I'm going to one of my favourite friend's houses this coming weekend to celebrate her birthday. A dinner party with the girls is guaranteed to be fun, but especially at Jess' house where the food is always delicious and the drinks always taste sooo good... {she's like Martha Stewart, my friend Jess, seriously}
  • The hilarious B.A. Baracus card I got for my brother, whose birthday is tomorrow- he's gonna love it
  • I won the Valentine sweets giveaway from Johanna at the beautiful blog Birds on a Wire... yum! {and I'll be able to enjoy them guilt-free, as I am a runner once again!}
  • I've been watching the first season of Parenthood and I love it. Have you seen it?
  • There are millions of green shoots popping up all over my garden! Hooray!
  • Em and I have a phone date today... and oh boy! have we ever got some fantastic plans to discuss{yesterday, Dylan said to me, "Mum! When we turn the calendar to February, we can say that Em is coming to see us this month!" Love it. It's not just me who can't wait to see her!}
  • We had a great weekend, and I took some fun photos. Many of them include ducks! Want to see them?
So there you have it. Lots of little things to make me happy.You can link up on Much Love Anna and join in the fun. Spread some love this Monday!

More later. I've got some books I just have to tell you about, and my resolution update. Until then, smile! And go buy yourself a latte. You deserve it. 


  1. sipping some hot chocolate while reading this and yes, i wanna see ducks and i always wanna hear about books. happy gorgeous week ahead!

  2. Happy Monday to you Erin! I love those adorable felt hearts. They make me want to go to Michaels and buy craft supplies right now! :)

    I've always wanted to start watching Parenthood! I just wish I didn't have so many other shows to get caught up on!

  3. There's really nothing like seeing those first little green shoots pop up through the ground. I went on a lovely hike this weekend -- it was just nice to be outdoors and have an honest conversation with a friend. Something little but so important. Happy Monday, Erin!

  4. Yes please. Lets have the duckies :)

  5. yay on the giveaway win!!! doesn't that alawys make you feel good? i'm so happy you won! and that you're keeping up with your running resolution that it doesn't matter that they're sweets ;)

    can't wait to see the ducks! & hear about the books you've been reading-- i've slacked lately on the reading front- SO UNLIKE ME.

    warms my heart how excited the boys are to see Em too :) lovely!


  6. Yay for your win!
    I'll be popping it in the mail this week.....should get there in plenty of time.

  7. Isn't it nice to start the week with a list of lovely things. Looking forward to your photos,books and other bits you spoke about on Friday.

    Glad to hear you are making your way with Parenthood too - yeah!


  8. Hooray for lots of little things to make you happy! And hooray for it being February tomorrow!!! Are you going to let Dylan put "X"s on the calendar?


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