Monday, January 10, 2011

Much Love Monday

Good morning and Happy Monday! It's the first regular Monday morning of the New Year, and so far it's off to an okay start. The boys were only a little bit whiny, Alan had a blinding headache and decided to stay home to sleep it off {oh, so I didn't need to get up at 6, then?} and we were only a couple of minutes late dropping Dylan off at school {yeah, that looks really good, doesn't it? the school librarian can't manage to get her kid to school on time...} However, it wasn't all bad. On the plus side, I decided to switch my small handbag for the big one, and inside I found my missing Burt's Bees Lipbalm {honey + mint = bliss} and a $5 bill! Sawyer and I are heading to the mall in a few minutes to pick up some stuff for Alan's birthday, and I know just what sort of hot beverage I'm going to treat myself to with that little bit of cash...

Anyway, I'm rambling! The point of this post was to share some love on a cold January morning. Now that Flowers for your Friday and Saturday Morning Daydreams have made a comeback, I think I'll start up Much Love Monday again, too. It's such a nice way to start the week. So, without further ado, this morning I am loving:
  • having my Make Me Smile January list featured on Red Boots {love Wendy's Edinburgh-based blog!} + all the things on that list
  • my lovely warm winter-white vest from Lands' End {a Christmas gift from Jess}
  • making plans for July {picture a cabana on the lake, daycamp classes for the kids, and me in an adirondack chair with a cold drink and a good book!}
  • my big stack of cards and writing paper, waiting for me to fill them up with all sorts of long, newsy letters to faraway friends
  • the journal Alan bought me for Christmas {stay tuned for my post later today regarding resolution #2 of 2011, and a review of how week #1 went...}
Do you have a list of things you're loving this Monday? I'd love to hear!

pretty picture via sarah jane and bentley


  1. Hope Alan's headache soon goes, certainly needs to be well for his birthday this week!

    Nothing better than finding things you thought you had lost, but you will never guess the exact same thing happened to me just last week - I found my lost Burt's Bees Lipbalm (different flavour though) and only a £2 coin in a smaller handbag- weird!

    Besides my own much love things today I am loving that I received your gorgeous birthday card in the post today - thank you!

  2. I love that you are back on track, I love all your little themes.

  3. mmm, i need one of those over-priced tasty drinks right about now! they taste even better with found money!

    hope alan feels better and that you found him the perfect gift.

  4. I love finding things that you once lost! When I was younger (think about 7 years old) I used to hide $1 bills around my room so I could find them later. I was silly....

    Nice list, I really enjoy your much love Monday themes and I saw you featured on Red Boots!

  5. first snow storm of the year! i hate how little it snows here in kansas and i couldn't sleep last night in anticipation for today's snow day!

  6. oh i'm so excited all your old series are back. i just took a peek at your list over on red boots and it was quite fun. :D

    i'm loving that i got so much done today and that i managed to get myself something nice while i was out.

  7. Those July plans sound so delicious! I'm with Kim -- I'm glad all your regular posts are back. You always give me something to look forward to. The thing I'm loving most today: one very snuggly cat.


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