Saturday, January 08, 2011

Blooms, window shopping, bargain

I think it's time I started recording three beautiful things again more regularly, don't you? A nice way to start off the New Year...

Today's 3BT:
1. Bunches of tulips for sale outside the grocery store. Tulips! I want the pink ones.
2. Wandering the furniture shops looking for a just-right sofa and loveseat in the January sales, even if we don't find anything.
3. Half price chai tea lattes every afternoon at Starbucks between now and Jan. 16th! (now that was a lucky discovery!) Yum.

How about you? Have you got a 3BT to share on this chilly January night?


  1. yes! i definitely miss your 3BT's. it was such a good reminder for me too. and half off chai lattes?!?! i need to find out if my neighborhood starbucks does that too. fingers crossed!! :)

  2. Half price? Sweet! I love looking at furniture (although usually it's not realistically). I want a sectional but there is no room in this apartment!

  3. ooh, i wonder if the chai deal is corporate-wide? mmmm! :)

    one of my bt's from today - i got an unexpected call from my mom at noon & got to spend the afternoon w/ her & two of my nephews! always a happy day!

  4. I love tulips they are my favourite, plus half price chai latte perfection!

  5. What a perfect little 3BT for a Saturday! My constant wishing for colder weather has finally got through and this morning I too have awoken to a sparkling morning! Yeah.

    Love sofa shopping, I bet the boys love it too!!

  6. oooh, i love 3bt! i'm not a chai latte drinker, but hubby is so it's my excuse to get myself an sbux drink by getting him one!

  7. Half-price chai tea lattes? Quoi??! I'm getting on a plane. Right. This. Second. XOXO!

  8. Dear Erin,

    What a lovely, positive post! Sometimes just taking a moment to focus on the positive things, big and ever so small, in life can really brighten a day... oh, now I long even more for tulips! Not to mention life as shown in the image in your previous post - bring on summer, someone, please! ;-)

    I hope your year has started well and wish you all the best,

  9. I think it's definitely a good way to start the year and to see beauty in the everyday.

    1. I love how green everything is looking (even though it's been raining non stop)

    2. My new bookcase my wonderful hubby put together for me

    3. Down time away from work.


  10. Seriously half price? How did I miss this. Love this post.

    I am so in for Tumblr Tuesdays!! What a fabulous idea! Do we blog some of our favorite tumblr posts from the week? Or share our favorite tumblr sites? Or both?

  11. Hold the phone. Half price lattes? Are you kidding me? You know my love for lattes. :)

    Best of luck on your sofa and loveseat shopping...Gabe and I were up to the same last week. It's tough to find the perfect piece, isn't it?


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