Friday, January 28, 2011

Flowers for your Friday {and some gratitude too}

Hello lovelies! Happy Friday! As always, I haven't much time to write, but this week I really wanted to join the completely adorable and totally awesome Kimbirdy from Fill Your Well in expressing some gratitude for the week that was {I think it's a lovely idea, and I always look forward to her Friday posts...}. So, I'm sneaking this post in on Thursday night before I head up to bed.

Here are some of the things that I'm grateful for, at the end of a busy week:

* the big bunch of pink tulips on my kitchen table

* a fire in the woodstove, a hot water bottle, and a fleecy blanket to keep me warm {not to mention cuddles from all my boys}

* I think I'm finally getting over my cold

* polka-dot rainboots to keep my feet dry

* how much Dylan loves his after-school art class

* how much Sawyer loves his mummy

* green shoots popping up all over my garden, making me happy every time I spot a new one {come on, spring!}

* discovering some fab new blogs {I'll tell you all about them next week}

* a few really great books I'm reading {I'll tell you about them, too}

* summer holiday plans which include an entire week to hang out with my awesome sister!

* a fabulous long letter from my sweet friend Kelly {she'd been writing it since before New Year, and I'm so glad she finally sent it!}

* my wonderful mom and dad, who are going to look after the boys on Tuesday nights so I can start running with a group again

* home-baked muffins and rice krispie squares to enjoy with a cup of hot chocolate and two happy little boys

* Skype, which helps to keep faraway friends close

* my slow-cooker, for cooking dinners for me when I'm not even home! {I love walking in the door and smelling a delicious soup}

* time to sit on the couch and laugh with my husband 

* my cutie-pie nephew, Eoghan, who turns 7 today!

* lots of weekend plans, including a big family get-together and a popcorn & dvd night with a friend

* your encouragement to write in my journal, train for a 10K, get to bed early... thank you!

* and finally... January is almost over!!!

What are you grateful for this Friday? 


  1. your tulips are divine. love that color!

    i'm thankful for my slow cooker too. chicken tacos tonight!

  2. What a wonderful list and so much to be grateful for.

    Skype would be high up on my list too - but must try and catch you on it over the weekend dear lady.

  3. I love Kim's gratitude posts and I'm glad you're doing the same. Right now, I'm grateful I made it through this really hectic week. I still have tons to do, but I've got more free time today (I think). Here's to a fantastic weekend for us both!

  4. Yay for January being almost over, that is definitely a happy thing!

  5. oh my, you are too sweet! i love seeing other people's gratitude lists, and your's is quite the list! you are a blessed woman with such great things to be thankful for. i love it! happy weekend!

  6. these lists always make me smile and keep me going-- like the whole running? when i don't want to, i think of you-- busy working mom AND wife who now (thanks to the loveliest of parents) gets to keep on with her resolution...

    you keep me going, just so you know!

    warmth -- from the love of your family, fleece, and polka-dot rainboots... i'm loving it all!

    that you have flowers on your kitchen table, because that is SO YOU

    and i can't wait to hear about the books and blogs you are loving at the moment.

    i am grateful for the hard run this morning... i'm happy we have dinner plans tonight with our friends next-door! i'm putting together a cd now for a blog friend (would you like one?) and YES YES YES that january is almost over. :HUGE SIGH:

    big kisses!!!

  7. Thanks for the smile! Hugs from Me - Kelly !

  8. That is the most lovely list of things to be grateful for. It's always the little things.

    I hope that you are able to continue on with your goals and that this year will be wonderful.

    P.S. Lol nice to know I share a bday with someone else.

    I'm grateful for

    * The sun
    * My new pretty Filofax
    * My thoughtful husband
    * Time off to catch up on life
    * A good meal shared with friends

    And many more I'm sure x

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