Thursday, January 27, 2011

The King's Speech

I really want to see this movie. Why?

1. I luuurve Colin Firth. He may be sort of old now, but he'll always be dreamy Mr Darcy to me. And wasn't he cute in Love Actually?
2. I am enamoured with England, as you well know.
3. I'm intrigued by the story.
4. Everyone I know who's seen it has loved it.
5. I like a gutsy, determined female character. I think Helena Bonham Carter will play it to perfection.
5. Maybe this year when I go to my mom's Oscar party, there will actually be a movie I've seen {and can root for}. I'd like that. After all, it shouldn't be all about the dresses!

Have you seen The King's Speech? What did you think?


  1. you MUST see it. it's amazing, touching, and will make you think.

    and you will swoooooon every single second at the handsome colin firth who not only has the looks but the talent to boot.


  2. Have to agree with Micaela - you must go and see it!

    It is uplifting and a really inspiring movie. Also just tumbled the latest 'Keep Calm' too which completely applies too! ;)

  3. i wish i've seen it! i usually have to wait to see movies when they come out on video. hopefully we'll have a job soon and i'll be able to go to the theaters again. it does look so good though and colin firth... swoon!

  4. I want to see it too (for all the reasons you mention)! When and where, I've no idea.

  5. So good. You'll totally love it! Will you actually come to the Oscar party?
    Tell Alan NOW.

  6. I havent seen it yet but really want to before it leaves the cinemas. Pity were too far away for a movie date.

  7. I think Colin Firth did an amazing job in this role, he really did the stuttering so brilliantly, it is a great cast but I felt something lacked. I am a harsh critic I think :/

  8. oh we so wanted to go and see this....we might have to rent now though and curl up on the couch to see it instead of going on a movie date but i've only heard good things so i'm looking forward to it! love actually the story between colin firth and the girl he falls in love with was just the best....i loved it so much!

  9. I did see it and LOVED it. It was really one of the best movies I've been to in a long time. Colin Firth and Gregory Rush are just brilliant. And the end, with the Beethoven...that I adored. Erin, you need to go see it. If I were there, I'd go again with you.

  10. I haven't seen it {yet} but have heard wonderful things. Put it on the list for next month, dear girl!

  11. Hej Erin

    Fly back to London on Monday...
    Going to see this film on Wednesday with my girlfriend and a pre-cinema dinner at Carluccio's restaurant before YAY! I can't wait. If I have time I am also hoping to get to see the 'Black Swan', it's a dark film, but suppose to be very good too.
    I'll let you know.
    You must make some ME time and go and see the KINGS SPEECH, we can compare notes lol!

  12. I had never even heard of this movie until I watched the CBS Sunday Morning clip on stuttering (I'm a little out of the loop these days). I REALLY want to see it. It looks incredible and I love period pieces (and Colin!).

  13. I'm not sure if you've seen it since posting this, but it's a wonderful movie. We went to an old historic theater to see it and it was so fun!

    (And your guess is right - Helena did an amazing job with her character!)


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