Tuesday, November 23, 2010

This is my Tuesday {friendship}

Well here we are at Tuesday again. I love Tuesdays! I enjoy the quiet time in my library and the fact that Dylan's class comes to hear a story and exchange their books {he always gives me the cutest grin when they arrive, and sits right up at the front by my feet while I read aloud to them}. Plus Glee airs on Tuesday nights, and that's always fun! And let's not forget This is my Tuesday, my favourite ongoing photo project over on Red Boots. This week's theme is friendship.

I am lucky to have a lot of really wonderful friends. They are the people I can count on for a million different things: to make me laugh when I'm feeling down, to sit with me and drink tea for hours on end, to stay up until midnight watching Harry Potter, to babysit my kids at the last minute, or send me a lovely letter just when I need it most. I've made some fantastic friends through blogging, and I'm grateful for having found another way to keep in touch {a lot of my friends live further away than I would like them to}. I love my friends.

I especially love this girl! Em and I have known each other since the early days of university, and there is no one better at keeping connected than her. I can tell her anything and everything, and she is always there to cheer me on, regardless of what's going on in her life {and if you've been reading my blog for a while, you know that she has had a lot going on}. Even though she lives far away in France, I know I can count on Em to call and write and text me every single week. We are as close as we can possibly be, considering we live on opposite sides of the world. I am always so, so excited when we get to spend some time together in one place. I hope 2011 will be one of those times.

Here we are at Em's wedding in France, August 2009. This might just be my very favourite photo of us ever.


  1. This photo is amazing - I love the lighting, the pose and the look on your faces!

    I am grateful to blogging for giving me a new friend who I feel sure will be for life.


  2. Hej Erin
    What a lovely post about your special friend and friendships.
    That photo of you both is just magical...your close bond is almost tangible.

  3. That photo is too sweet for words! I love that little moment of friendship that was captured. What a great memory to have :)

  4. There's nothing like having a good friend who, even though she may live far away, always manages to keep in touch. And it's even better when she lives in a cool place that you get to visit. I adore that last photo of you two. It's all cuteness.

  5. aw, that's so sweet! i love that photo of the two of you- it looks like a movie still! seriously, the way the lighting is and the adorable pose and everything just makes it look like a photo from some holiday movie.

  6. That picture is fantastic and you two look so happy!

  7. Beautiful photo and really love post about friendship.

    I think you mentioned everything that I love about the blogging world and friends in general. x

  8. I love that photo too, you look so happy :)

  9. This is indeed a beautiful photo of us. (Merci, Ian!) And you are a beautiful friend to me. XOXOXOXO!


    and this post just made me teary eyed... i am so emotional lately ;)

    THANK YOU for being there for me and wishing me well on my very happy and MAGICAL day! :) i love you dear friend and can not wait to catch up!!!


  11. That's a great photo... someone have been at the right place at the right time in order to capture the perfect moment!


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