Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ornament love

Even though it's only mid-November, I just can't help getting excited about Christmas. I've got Micaela's ornament swap, a kids' ornament swap that the boys are taking part in, and all sorts of parcel plans in my mind at any given time these days. And the blogosphere is just full of beautiful baubles for the Christmas tree! How can I help but dream about trimming the tree? It's one of my favourite Christmas traditions...

Check out a few little lovelies I've found online and would be happy to hang on the branches of our evergreen this year!

vintage striped balls via etsy

vintage gold ball via very fine house

teeny tiny snowmen via etsy

sweet little caroler via anthropologie

darling felt penguin via all things small

You can probably tell by looking at these that I've got a tree that doesn't really have a theme or a colour scheme. It's not all matchy-matchy. But it is beautiful. It has ornaments that have been in my family for years, and paper pretties that the boys made just last Christmas. There are candy canes made from pipe cleaners, and beautiful glass ornaments given to us as gifts. We have a lot of snowmen, there's just something about them I can't resist... It's a perfect combination of handmade and store bought decorations, and each and every one has some special significance to us. I love talking about each one as it comes out of the box and goes up onto a branch. Those boxes hold so many wonderful Christmas memories, don't they?

Oh, I can't tell you how excited I am to head out into the woods early in December and choose the perfect tree to adorn with all our many ornaments. It is going to be such fun!

What sort of tree will you be putting up this year?


  1. My tree will be a mixture. I don't really have a particular theme. There will definitely be white and silver and a few other pretty colours. Maybe some blue and pink.

    I love those ornaments you posted. I ladore hand painted baubles.

  2. haha, you read my mind this morning! i was going to scour your old blog posts for inspiration, but you've given me a headstart on my ornament shopping.

    my tree sounds a lot like yours, though not as full of ornaments just yet. it is a new tradition for me, but it definitely isn't matchy-matchy. every year, we add a couple new ornaments that are special to us or signify the year for us.

  3. That penguin is so cute!! I can't wait to have my own Christmas tree again -- I couldn't bring mine out to San Diego with me, and Christmas just doesn't feel right without a tree. (Luckily, there are trees up when I get home to NJ, but I've always liked decorating my own.)

  4. The little snowmen are my favourite ones. We'll probably have two trees this year; one here and one at home where we'll be going on the 23rd of December. We can't be without a tree until then, can we?

  5. That penguin is to die for! I love those vintage balls, too. Ah, Christmas! I am so not ready for thee... but excited nonetheless. Thanks for the inspiration to get my butt moving :)

    We usually cut down our own tree up here, and it's usually a scraggly Charlie Brown hemlock, but so dear to all the little hands around here who so lovingly bring it into our home. Gosh, I better start going through the ornaments myself--we usually put the tree up Thanksgiving weekend and here it is almost upon us. Wow.

  6. an ornament swap for kids is genius. I went to one last year for adults and it was fun but a kid one is way better! Can I borrow your idea?

  7. Oh Erin, we really are alike in our love of Christmas aren't we! There are so many pretty ornaments around and I try to add at least one to our collection each year. I am looking forward to putting up Micaela's drummer she sent me last year.

    I just resisted buying a box of antique baubles last week and am now wishing I hadn't!

  8. That little penguin is pretty great!

    E xoxo

    P.S. While in Budapest, I may or may not have picked up a fantastic ornament or two for a wonderful friend of mine...

  9. those are fun! i've been thinking about what kind of ornament to make for my partner, lauryn from i'm so excited to get crafty!

  10. i am just like you-- my tree ornaments have no theme whatsoever and i think that's what makes one special!

    i love your finds and can't wait to see the special one you pick! :)

    isn't claire's sister's shop amazing!?


  11. I'm actually excited to be back at my parents' house this year because they always have a gorgeous tree. My dad buys a real tree up north every year when he's hunting because he gets them much cheaper there, then we decorate it with both old and new ornaments and pretty white lights. Love!


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