Saturday, November 13, 2010

Old times, thai takeaway, dreaming

3BT on a dark and rainy Saturday night in November:

1. It's 10:30, and Kelly's going to pop round for tea. It's just like old times, when she lived around the corner and we could meet up at a moment's notice and chat the night away!

2. My mom came over this afternoon, helped out with the kids while we worked on the living room reno, and then she ordered in Thai food for us for dinner. Isn't she the best?

3. I've got a stack of paint samples to look through. My living room is going to be so lovely...

I'd better go put the kettle on! Kelly will be here any minute :)

Have you got three beautiful things to share tonight? I'd love to wake up to them in the morning.

Good-night, my dears. Sweet dreams!
E xo


  1. Oh I cannot wait to see what colour you pick. My 3BT - getting to spend my Saturday with good friends and good food enjoying the Spring weather, a much needed Sunday afternoon nap and the smell of fresh salmon cooking in the oven.

  2. I, just like Megan can't wait to see what colour you pick out and see it all completed.

    Yeah for your Mum, I am sure it was a huge relief at some major work during the day.

    Hope to catch up very soon.

  3. I love good Thai take out! I bet you had a fabulous night! : )

    My 3BT - watching the delight on Leyton's face yesterday when he played w/ ornaments at Kohl's; sleeping just a few minutes more; breakfast at IHOP in 1/2 an hour. : )

  4. So excited to see the final project! What with all the lovely pics you share here, I know it will be gorgeous!

    My 3BT-It's snowing here...!!!, I'm about to make hot chocolate, It's Sunday so no work and no school. Unfortunately, there is homework, but hey. You can't win them all. :)

    Hope you're having a lovely day!

  5. oooohhh! i cannot wait to see your finished living room:). paint colors are so much fun:). have a good weekend!



  6. Thank God for Mom's they are the best : D

    What a great way to spend a rainy Saturday night, chatting the night away with friends : D

    Hope you had a great night : D

    Have a very Happy Monday : D

    P.S.Thank you for the early Thanksgiving wishes : D I loved looking at your thanksgiving pictures what a perfect way to celebrate surrounded by family : D

  7. a tea date, a mom who saves the day AND brings Thai food (mmmm!!!) and a dream renovation... this all makes me smile!

    it's 12:10 p.m. here and i'm having a cup of coffee (wasn't kidding-- i drink this at all hours!) and my 3BT:

    1) OUR SKYPE DATE TOMORROW!! remember what time it is as i type this comment here... forgive if i look terrible even in the afternoon ;) it's a day off after all... i shall take advantage lol!

    2.) the magical excitement of going home for thanksgiving!!!

    3.) putting together love letters for friends... there's a card with your name on it in my outgoing pile tomorrow ... a card that is so you!

    love you and sweetest dreams

  8. Erin
    The vintage gold beauty brought tears to my eyes. I have exactly the same one and also fushia pink one too. The memories, they were my Grandmas.

    Ohhh how I love the stories with everyone. Our tree will be placed up on a table as little hands love the sparkly treasures that hang!!

    A little of everything old,new,crafted and child made. That's that best way for our tree!


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