Saturday, November 13, 2010

A note for my husband

Good morning, Dar!

Please? I'm sort of tired of being the one who always makes breakfast around here...

And a stack of these would be awfully good!

You can wake me when they're ready.

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  1. Wakey, wakey Alan and get cooking!!

    I must admit that my darling husband left me to sleep until 8:30am this morning and only woke me by gently turning the pages of the newspaper beside me, when I woke he said 'look what I brought you' and there sat a lovely big cup of coffee!

    A moment to celebrate when it does happen!

  2. The Saturday morning ideal. I've seen that poster several times now and no one seems to be able to trace it back to its original source -- I'd love to have a print of it on my wall so badly! Happy weekend, Erin!

  3. Brilliant Erin!
    Did you actually leave him that not? Or do you have that sign hanging around your kitchen?
    LOVE IT!
    I hope have lots of pancakes this weekend
    LOVE PEACE enJOY your pancakes!

  4. No. I made them. They tasted good, but I'm sure they'd have been way better had I woke to the smell of them cooking!

  5. awww he'll get the message next time ;) i bet they were DELISH! and i bet the boys were helpful xo

    i'm about to send you email about our skype date!

  6. You're too cute. Sometimes it seems like guys just can't take the hint; you have to outright say what you want. Pancakes are sounding like a pretty great breakfast to want at that! Maybe I'll have to tell Noah the same thing. :)

  7. Hi Erin, love your corner of the Internet ; D hope you get your pancakes soon ; D

  8. aww! i'm thinking you need to leave some more hints around about your desire for a catered by hubby breakfast! : )

    also, i'm glad we're going to IHOP for breakfast tomorrow. pancakes sound good!

  9. this post is perfect. that poster is perfect. i love when marriage has a a kick to it, a nice humorous sexy kick.

  10. oooh, these look incredible. hope you get breakfast in bed real soon. mm. mmm.


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