Monday, November 15, 2010

Much Love Monday

Well here we are, another Monday and half-way through November already! I haven't got much time to write, as Dylan and I will be heading out in about 10 minutes to pick up Sawyer from preschool. Wanted to squeeze in a Much Love Monday post though, as there's plenty to love in my messy house today (apart from the mess of course). Things like:
  • a good long phone call with Em this morning, a Skype date with Micaela (our first! short and sweet but sooo much fun!), and a lovely online chat with Cassie, all in the space of about three hours
  • I found the perfect ornaments for my swap partner on Etsy and ordered them this morning!
  • Dylan made the cutest card for my dad for his birthday today, complete with the words "Grampa's 57!" and a drawing of my dad in a top hat. I think we'll bake him a cake this afternoon, too
  • the leaves have blown all over the lawn- perfect for jumping in!
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows opens this Friday! (I think I need to get the little lanterns above to celebrate the occasion... they have an air of Hogwarts about them, don't you think? and they're also quite Christmasy and twinkly too! two more of my favourite things...)
Okay, we're off to preschool now, then home to finish off the laundry, whip up some pasta and veggies for supper, bake a cake and wrap a gift or two, and then head over to my parents' place in our pajamas. Should be a lovely afternoon and evening. Hope yours will be, as well.

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Happy Monday!


  1. Have a wonderful day Erin - it sounds like it is already off to a good start!

  2. i LOVED our skype date! you are so pretty and sawyer, delightful!!! i am still giggling at him saying he wanted to go to starbucks... truly your son :) it was so much fun talking to you and yes! let's do it again soon!!!

    i can't wait to see the ornaments you ordered... etsy- i could spend all my check there. ;) i ordered mine there as well!

    Harry Potter--oh i can't imagine how EXCITED your household is!

    going to celebrate your Dad's birthday in pajamas? my kind of party!


  3. Micaela called me so happy after your skype date :) She went on and on about how beautiful you are and how ADORABLE Sawyer is! :)
    Happy Birthday to your dad!! I hope he had a wonderful day! :) Sounds like an absolute fun birthday celebration. Cake sounds soooo good right about now...
    I am SOOOO excited about Harry Potter this Friday!!! We've been watching the marathons on ABC Family all weekend long :) I am planning on wearing my HP Halloween costume to the movie opening :) Those lanterns def. have an air of Hogwarts to them :)Have a great rest of the week Erin!

  4. Oh, your day sounds glorious! What a beautiful little family you have :)

    (And I love that photo of the lanterns!)

  5. wow, a productive morning...happy birthday to your dad...and um, i haven't even narrowed down my ornament for you! i better get on it!

  6. Hope you had a great celebration with your Dad last night and the boys had fun celebrating in their pj's!

    Lovely to chat too!

  7. The lanterns are very Harry Potter. I'm so excited for the movie this Friday. My roommate got off from work that morning so we'll be seeing it at 9:30am -- I'm SO excited!!

  8. skype makes my world go round. when i get on skype and can see my grandma all the way in Brazil i always get emotional.

    Thank you technology. Thank you!


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