Monday, November 08, 2010

Much Love Monday {leaves, lattes and my living room}

Okay, so not much time to write! I've got more drywall dust to vacuum up, more furniture to cover in plastic, more firewood to bring in to keep the house warm and cozy... {along with all my usual Monday stuff, like meal-planning and laundry and cleaning the bathroom and ferrying children back and forth!} But I just had to take a minute to let you know all is well in the land of the living room reno. Things are coming along really nicely, and I'm hopeful that we'll be out of this chaos by the end of the month. Oh, I'm so excited to think about how beautiful this room will be in time to decorate it for Christmas!

Speaking of Christmas, I got myself a latte after doing the grocery shopping this morning. And look! The red cups are back! The only thing better than a tall, non-fat, extra foamy chai tea latte? One that comes in a festive red cup! Ooh, I love it!

And I love our chestnut tree in the front yard today. Isn't it beautiful? Those leaves are hanging on for dear life! I've got a feeling we'll be raking them all up by the weekend...

Am also loving some fun stuff that's coming up this week, including: an evening out at book club {there's sure to be wine and snacks!}, finding out tomorrow who my ornament swap partner is {eee!}, and a much-anticipated visit from my fantastic friend Kelly {can't wait for beef dip and home fries, many mugs of tea, and all the kids playing together again!}

What are you loving on this chilly Monday in November? Visit Much Love Anna and link up if you play along. Or just leave me a comment to share the love. I love comments!

Erin xo

PS: I'm glad I took a few minutes to do this. I was feeling a bit gloomy and completely overwhelmed by the disaster area that is my house, and writing this totally perked me up. So thanks, sweet blog readers! I love you, too.


  1. It's great that your tree still has so much color! It's beautiful!

    I'm loving that I had the day off today. Time to catch my breath and relax after a busy weekend!

  2. Oh wow I cannot wait to see how your renovations turn out! I am so excited to find out my ornament partner too. I finally sent out your giveaway package - so I hope it arrives soon :-) That tree is just gorgeous!

  3. Very very excited for my ornament swap partner. :) Can't wait! And I got myself a red-cupped latte yesterday and felt totally in the Christmas spirit. :) Glad you're feeling less gloomy now!

  4. The colours on your tree look beautiful. I can truly see why so many of you like autumn.

    I can't wait to see your renovated living room. It's sure to be amazing. Seeing as your tumblr is always full of lovely rooms.

  5. reno's are hard, but so worth the work! and i'm w/ you on the red cups from the bucks. they make me happy, too! think i'll stop there before work in the AM!

  6. Ooo, I was practically whistling on my way out the door tonight. I love the drive to school with my Monday night latte in hand (well, in the cup holder) and Christmas music blaring. Best part of the day!

  7. just thought I would let you know that I am laying low in the house as much as possible as we head towards summer with 30 degs plus!!! here in sunny South Australia...I have tree envy over your beautiful golden manifestation in the front yard too!!! even if its all on the lawn come the weekend!!! my front lawn is full (AND I MEAN FULL!!!) of a big pile of soil we now have to move to he back.....oh such glorious fun!!! xx

  8. what a fun post! i am completely addicted to starbucks chai lattes. now that they're all fun and festive - how will i resist?! i guess the only thing to top it is their amazing gingerbread lattes only out at christmas. i guess that's justification to buy them now right? :)

  9. I'm a day late -- my Monday was so busy! One of my classes organized a screening of a documentary on health down in City Heights, San Diego (it's a very ethnically diverse but low income community). It was so wonderful to talk with residents about some of the problems they face.

    And now, I totally want a peppermint hot cocoa from Starbucks. SO badly.


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