Tuesday, November 09, 2010

This is my Tuesday {family}

I know the idea of This is my Tuesday is to choose just one photo to represent the weekly theme, but this week I simply couldn't!

The theme is family. I talk about my family a lot on this blog, about the little family made up of me, Alan and our two boys. And I often talk about the family I was born into, my amazingly close, supportive and fantastic family. But I don't hardly ever share old photos... I think that needs to change, don't you? So I got out an album my sister made me for my 30th birthday, a "This is your life" kind of gift, and chose a few of my favourites. As you can see, they're all of me and Amanda. When you're lucky enough to call your sister one of your best friends, you know you've hit the family jackpot! Here we are, in our early years:

Baby sis and I on the grass in our backyard, circa 1977.

A few years later, I'm sporting some long skinny legs {where did those days go, and can I please get them back?} and my signature braids and glasses. That's our dog, Lady.

Reading the paper with Daddy. I can so see Sawyer in Amanda's face!

Swimming in the lake at Cowichan. We camped there every single summer, and it was the greatest.

Playing in the west coast snow! Man, I loved it when there was enough snow to go tobogganing... {and from the looks of this photo, even when there wasn't enough!}

I believe that your family shapes you, helps you to become the person who you are. I was lucky. I grew up in a wonderful family, one that valued traditions and fun and each other, and one where I always, always felt loved. I hope to give those same things to my kids, so that, in years to come, when they look back at the photos of their childhood, they get the same warm, fuzzy feeling that these pictures give me.

Have you got some family photos to share? Join in the fun over on Red Boots!

Happy Tuesday, mes amies... It's a blustery day here, with autumn leaves swirling and twirling about through the air. Simply beautiful, even if it is freezing. Hope your day is off to just as pretty a start!


  1. your little sister is delicious. Her cheeks and that bonnet. I love old pictures. i'm glad you shared. Share more!

  2. I love the pictures, wish I had some old pictures at hand, but most of them are at my parents!

  3. I had totally forgotten about that book! I love those photos. I'll have to get some copies of them. They bring back such great memories.
    I love you so much!!
    PS. I noticed you didn't show any lovely teen photos ;)

  4. I love every single photo Erin! The sledge, the dog, your dad, everything! What wonderful memories to have!!

    I wanted to post some old photos but my scanner's broken at the moment and didn't want to get caught by my boss at work scanning old baby photos!!


    ps: I added your link to the Linky box. I have a love/hate relationship with Linky!

  5. those are the best photos ever!!! i absolutely love them. and i think you should definitely include a few more of those in future. :) what adorable little girls you were!

    and i completely forgot today was tuesday. yup, it's been that kind of week. :)

  6. I loved seeing all these photos! My favourite is the tobogganing (in 0.25 cms of snow... so West Coast!)

  7. Erin, these are such wonderful family photos! There's nothing I love more than looking at old pictures. And I agree with you -- a family does shape you, sometimes for better, sometimes not (my mom was a bad cook so I didn't learn how to cook for years).

  8. I adore these photo's and such a clever idea of looking back too. And you are right Sawyer looks so much like Amanda.

    It is absolutely freezing here in England too; the temperatures have really dropped. Hope your Tuesday was a good one. Roll on the weekend ;)

  9. You were both adorable. And I love when you look back on when you were younger. There are always so many lovely memories.

    Family is amazing!

  10. love all these photos and the memories you shared.

    family is such a joy!

  11. Thank you for your lovely comment! I really like how you've used old photos! I need to get my parents to scan some of our old ones in! x

  12. I love, love, love seeing pictures of a little you!! :) SO adorable!! :) I love your signature braids and glasses :) I LOVE the photo of you girls reading the paper with your daddy! I am SO close to my family and of course all my sisters (esp twinkie!) so it warms my heart to see others who are also close to their families :) I know one day your own boys are going to look back at their childhood photos with the same warmth and joy that you have looking at yours with Amanda!


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