Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A picture for Mum

Dylan created this masterpiece for me after school a few days ago. He is so proud of it, and was just beaming when he handed it to me. "It's for you, Mum!" he said. "And can you guess what it is? It's your most very favourite thing." Yay! It's the LOST plane before, and just after, it crashed on the island! Look at that happy little pilot. He's got no idea what's about to happen, does he? Guess the smoke monster is hiding behind the palm tree ;~)

I love LOST. But I love my sweet boy more.


  1. oh my heck, that is so sweet! i love when kids do stuff like that. my niece, sarah, is 7. she heard it was my birthday, so she ran to her room & brought back a LPS turtle for me, because she knew i liked them. : ) love it!

  2. Adorable! I love it when kids hand me things like this and of course I love it even more when it's my little one 'here, mum! that's for you!'

  3. Hi!
    It's my fisr time here
    So cute the draw he did for you!
    My little cousin always draw something to give to me :D

    Have a nice day

  4. hilarity!

    i can just imagine how excited he was to give that to you!

  5. so cool, how does he know so much about it??
    F knows it is show#1 but knows no details!

  6. That is so adorable that your son knows you love Lost so much he drew you a picture of it. You're so lucky. Your stories and posts definitely make me look forward to being a mom someday.

  7. wow that is so awesome :)
    I'm so happy you shared that, it brought a big ol smile to my face - thanks!!

  8. You have truly twisted that boy :)
    That's just too hilarious. That's one you need to keep forever!

  9. He knows about the plane and the island because of the LOST birthday cake he helped Alan make for me last year. There's no way I'd let him watch it!!! (not for several years anyway...)


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