Thursday, November 25, 2010

For my American friends

Happy, Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you have a wonderful, extra-long weekend, surrounded by family and friends! Think of me slogging my way through snow and sleet to conduct parent-teacher interviews and finish up report cards, and then venturing out again to spend a long night fundraising for the preschool while you enjoy your festive turkey dinner, okay? {nope, I'm not jealous! not a bit...}

No, but seriously. I hope it's really great. Happy Holiday!

PS: Have an extra slice of pumpkin pie for me, won't you please? With whipped cream. And a little pinch of cinnamon on top.


  1. From one Canadian to another - let's be honest....

    It's not that we are jealous so much as we don't like our shows being pre-empted!

    No Y&R for me yesterday due to Thanksgiving today...if only everyone had my dire problem...what a world it would be!

  2. Will do! And a slice of apple pie too for good measure :) Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. I will definitely have a piece of pie for you ;-)

  4. I'll have an extra piece of my Aunt Dottie's awesome cheesecake for you. Happy Thursday, Erin!

  5. You paint the perfect picture of Thanksgiving fare!

  6. Happy Thanksgiving to you, Erin!
    xo, Britta

  7. I can't promise an extra slice of pumpkin pie, but I can guarantee at least two (preferably three) helpings of mashed potatoes! YUM. Happy Thanksgiving from an American friend.

  8. I too hope it's a wonderful long weekend for them all. And I've never tasted Pumpkin pie so that would be a great experience.


  9. aw, that's so sweet of you erin. thanks! i'm going to another thanksgiving today {friday} so i'll be sure to eat an extra slice of pie in your honor {look at all the pie you've gotten us to eat for you!}. :)


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