Saturday, October 09, 2010

Saturday morning daydream

How great would it be to spend a gorgeous autumn weekend at a cabin like this one in the San Juan islands?

So, so great. There aren't enough words really. I can see myself lounging, drinking tea {or maybe some wine}, reading books, possibly partaking in a game of Scrabble by the fire. And just gazing out those enormous windows at the breathtaking view for hours on end. Aaaah...

Who's coming with me?


  1. Can I join you?
    It looks wonderful.
    Where is San Juan?

  2. The San Juan islands are in Washington State, in the Pacific northwest part of the US. Very close to here actually... Just off the coast of our beautiful Vancouver Island!

  3. i'll be there! what a dreamy daydream. it got really hot again in my area and it no longer feels like fall - so sad! hopefully it will cool off again so i can properly enjoy october with fires and sweaters and such.

    i hope you're feeling better! i had laryngitis in july when we were trying to find a new apartment and i couldn't talk to any of our potential landlords - it was Awful! i wish i had some awesome secret remedy, but really it just took time and sleep and NO talking to help me feel better. sending you all my healthy thoughts your way!

  4. I would definitely come and join! It's so beautiful and looks perfect for relaxing. I think you have the right idea.

  5. i'll come, i'll come! :] that cabin looks beyond amazing and comforting. LOVE

    thanks for the lovely comments lately erin. i really appreciate it. <3 <3

  6. Any time you want to spend a weekend on the San Juans, you just let me know!!! I'm in for sure.

  7. ooooh me !!!! you bet !

    i'm glad you posted a comment on my blog so i can immediately visit you... i enjoy the friendly feeling of your blog ! even though i tend to limit my time online more than i use to, count me as a reader from now on x


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