Friday, October 08, 2010

Paper pumpkins for Thanksgiving weekend

{via here}

As soon as I saw this paper lantern how-to online, I knew I wanted to make these to decorate our house for the fall. I mean, seriously, how cute are they? And so simple!

Hoping to whip some up this weekend, along with a pumpkin pie or two, and some turkey-shaped sugar cookies {we've got a vintage Tupperware cutter from the 70s... it is awesome!} It's Thanksgiving in Canada, and we're going all out with the festive fun.

Now if I can just shake this awful cold and get my voice back in time for the big family dinner at my parents' place on Sunday... For that, I'd be truly thankful. {I think I've got a full-on case of laryngitis- ugh} Guess it's time for another cup of tea with lemon and honey, and then I should get myself to bed.

Good-night, my lovelies. Hope it's a wonderful weekend, wherever you are!


  1. So fun to hear you're in the spirit. :) I looooove Thanksgiving--the food and festivity and friends--though I miss my family a lot around this time of year. What cute paper lanterns, and yes, looks like a totally doable project! I so hope your cold gets better soon so that you can properly enjoy all the celebration! xoxo

  2. Love those pumpkins...

  3. Happy Thanksgiving, those pumpkins are great. Although we dont celebrate this season so much its still lovely to see what others do.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving! You know I love pumkin anything and everything. : ) Those lanterns are adorable! Hope you're feeling 100%!


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