Monday, October 04, 2010

Much Love Monday {October}

Happy Monday, the first one in October! It's been a lovely day here today, sunny and brisk and just perfect. I had tea with a friend this morning, went out for lunch with my mom in the afternoon and now I'm making a big pot of potato leek soup (in prep for the week ahead). The boys are building a fort and are chatting away happily with one another. Things are good. I'm going to make myself a cup of tea and sit down to relax for a bit before I tackle supper. But before I do, I have to tell you that... these days I'm loving:
  • all the mail I've been getting from friends (and the stack of letters I've sent out recently)
  • the way my legs ache (but in a good way) after yesterday's 5K run
  • the paper pumpkins and bats the boys have put up in the living room windows (they are so excited about Halloween)
  • the sunflowers on my kitchen table
  • watching all the bonus features on my LOST dvds!
  • reading amusing Julia Donaldson books at bedtime (have you read Stick Man? that book is hilarious...)
  • stacks of pumpkins in the grocery stores
  • all things pumpkin flavoured (you know how I love a pumpkin spice latte! and this week we're going to bake some pumpkin tarts for Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday)
  • red maple leaves on the sidewalk
  • my neat, tidy entryway (all shoes, coats, backpacks in their place! it's a miracle!)
  • that my weekly meal planning is keeping me on-track and less stressed each afternoon (this week we've got homemade pizzas, potato soup with toasted sandwiches, veggie stirfry with basmati rice, chili and stuffed baked potatoes and Friday? I can't remember... but it's something good I'm sure)
Wow. I'm loving all sorts of stuff this week. Must be October. It's such an awesome month.

Are you full of love this Monday? Let's hear all about it!
Erin xo

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  1. I cannot believe that it is October already! It sounds like you are having the perfect start to Autumn. The spring weather is taking its sweet time making it to Aus. The etsy print that you won is so so perfect for you - congrats!

  2. I hope you had a good 5k run!
    I am glad your boys are excited for Halloween and are decorating, that must be so precious.
    I just found your blog and I like it a lot! :)

  3. Two things I need to do: (1) bug you for that potato leek soup recipe and (2) make something with pumpkin in it. I need a serious dose of fall flavors. Luckily, I just made a big pot of butternut squash soup with apple and pear last night. I do adore October.

  4. a great post. how i loved reading about all the things that you are loving today. i sometimes forget to stop and think about all the wonderful things that every day life provides me...
    today i am loving the weather; warm & sunny, a long walk in the park with mike & our dog, cooking a homemade meal, sitting in the backyard with the sun on my face and watching luka bounce around in the grass....a good day.
    oh and erin....yes....sarah richardson is just the best! another canadian gem.....loved loved loved this season of sarah's house and swooned over the porch, the guest rooms and of course the favourite episodes!
    have a good night....

  5. What a wonderful list of love. Mail always makes me happy!

    I say good on you again for participating in the 5K run! Such a fantastic thing to get involved in.

    Autumn sounds lovely overseas ;)

  6. hEJ Erin
    I can feel your happiness through your writing ;-D.
    I am loving October too!
    I love the blue pick-up truck with all the pumpkins, that made me smile :-D.
    Happy, Happy Monday

    P.S. I hope you will be one of the 1st to play along with...
    Come on over and join in, if you like to ;-)x

  7. What a sweet list. I'm still completely in awe of your amazing meal planning. Trying to take a page out of your book . . . and struggling! ha!

  8. Have you ever made The Pioneer woman's pumpkin muffins? They're amazing!

  9. your weekly meal planning has inspired me and this week i planned all my brealkfasts ans lunches! i need to work on variety and then dinners will be next on my list since i go out for dinner so much. THANKS ERIN!

  10. your weekly meal planning has inspired me and this week i planned all my brealkfasts ans lunches! i need to work on variety and then dinners will be next on my list since i go out for dinner so much. THANKS ERIN!


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