Tuesday, October 05, 2010


So I've made it onto Nikki Stafford's blog a few times before. Once with my amazing LOST-themed birthday cake, and again when I was missed from the acknowledgements in Finding LOST Season 5 (because you know, I am a regular contributor over there, waxing poetic about my love of Sawyer and all the island's mysteries, and the things I have to say are oh-so-important! tee hee...) Anyway, today I'm back on Nik at Nite, and I couldn't be more thrilled! Nikki is a goddess when it comes to all things LOST, and I just think it's so cool to join in all the fun she has loving (and analyzing the hell out of) that show. The idea behind this photo (and all the others in her Finding Erin post) was based on a contest in which readers had to take a photo of themselves with their Finding LOST books, a photo that would make Nikki laugh, and then send it to her. The winner gets a signed copy of her new book (coming out this fall!) and at least 15 seconds of fame. Of course I wanted in, and so I got out my camera, gathered up all my LOST goodies and started snapping. Come take a look... And then go pre-order your copy of Finding LOST Season 6!


  1. OK, I've found my blog soul mate. I am so sad that LOST is over. Can I tell you I won't let my husband delete the finale from our TV because I want to watch it all over again and cry.

    Love the blog!

  2. I get it now! I wondered what the motivation was behind the pics, except I thought maybe it was just for your sheer love of LOST. You should have included your Sawyer mug in the back ground, just for fun!!

  3. i confess i have only watched the first three episodes of season one but i am intrigued!

  4. My Sawyer mug is right there! Can't you see it?

    And Marcie... I'm just the same. Am re-watching the entire series again. LOVE. IT. SO. MUCH.

  5. Too awesome!

    And since you are so lovely I have shared your loveliness with my followers by way of this award:



  6. haha! those photos are great! i posted some pics today from my honeymoon that reminded me of lost. the islands over there were so much like our favorite mystery island!

  7. you are just THE CUTEST!!! i love this photo :)

  8. Very creative! I need to go back & watch season 1 again soon, and start the magic all over... : )

  9. Erin you are TOO adorable!!! I love this photo and how much you love Lost! :) Anytime I read about your love for it I can't believe I have never seen one episode and it makes me want to see why you love the show so much :) One of these days I'll get started on season 1 :)


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