Sunday, September 05, 2010

It wouldn't be London if it didn't rain...

During our first week in London we spent a lot of time with our lovely Irish cousins. We had three busy, exciting days together. On one of them, we decided to take an open-top double-decker bus tour of London. It was all going very well...

Dylan and Fergal got along nicely. They chatted and enjoyed the sightseeing (but hello boys! that's Harrod's behind you!!!)

Eoghan and Sawyer loved hamming it up for the camera, both on Alan's lap (and dangerously close to falling out from my perspective a few seats back! good news though... no one toppled over the edge)

Then it started to rain. A LOT. Paddy is from Ireland. He wasn't bothered a bit!

The rest of us wrapped up in plastic bags, cunningly described as "ponchos" in the brochure.

We were very stylish, non?

After we were thoroughly drenched, we decided to hop off our bus and head for cover under the London Eye. County Hall had hot chocolates, and we were in dire need.

Aaah, that's better! Amelia and I warm up and dry out.

All boy cousins (and Alan) are giddy from the rain, and make crazy faces for the camera.

Once warm, dried and fed, it was time to head back to the station to say good-bye. I love this photo of Dylan and Amelia together in the mist.

And this one of Alan and Amelia. Doesn't she look cute in the raincoat we brought her? From Victoria, BC all the way to Victoria Station! If only I'd thought to bring wet weather gear for my own kids...


  1. oh my goodness erin, i am SO enjoying reading all these posts! how perfect of timing is this, really? reading these is like prep for my weekend getaways to london. :] so, so excited to really see all these places. <3 <3
    - L

    PS: and of course, these photos are made 10x better with your adorable kids in them. seriously, could there be any little boys cuter? <3

  2. Glad to see everyone had fun despite that rain. When I was in Ireland years ago, all it did was rain -- I think I had one or two sunny days. So no wonder they're used to it. And how cute are the kids! They look like they're having a blast together.

  3. i'm headed to england for a month over the xmas holidays. your posts are making it feel like it's years away!

    am really enjoying your posts and seeing london through the eyes of your kids!

    happy labour day!

  4. LOVE all the photos of your adorable boys with their adorable cousins! :) I love ALL your London photos and just love taking it all in - it def takes me back to my most favourite place in this world! That's a GREAT photo of the London Eye. Love it!

  5. oh my! those children are way too cute!! and alan's "funny face" made me laugh out loud. such fun you guys had even in the rain! i'm preparing for rain on our honeymoon cause it will be peek monsoon season, but i'll take a lesson from you and keep on with the fun! :)

  6. That looks like a wet- but fun- day! And don't plastic bags just make the best ponchos? lol


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