Monday, September 27, 2010

How soon is November 19th?

I'll never forget the moment when I read that last sentence, and closed Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. It was so amazing and moving and epic, and then it was over! It was heartbreaking, knowing I'd reached the end and there wouldn't be another book in the series. Thank goodness I've still got these to look forward to. Will you be lined up outside the theatre on November 19th? Ooh, you know I will!


  1. november 19th is my birthday. i will be 34. and i'm having a party (lunch or dinner, idk which yet) and the lot of us are going to HARRY POTTER!!! it's been a birthday tradition whenever a HP movie has released in november. : ) SO EXCITED!!!!!

  2. It's not soon enough. I am so excited for this movie and the only thing that upsets me is that we'll have to wait for the second part of it. I'll sit through a 6 hour Harry Potter movie if I had to, I wouldn't mind.

  3. eek!! i just can't wait to see this movie!!

    (i'm also thinking about re-reading the books. just because)


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