Monday, September 27, 2010

Much Love Monday {a day off and lots to be grateful for}

Happy Monday! I love having Mondays off. Every weekend feels like a long weekend and you can't beat that! (not quite adjusted to working on Fridays yet though... every Thursday night I find myself thinking, "oh! right! I work in the morning" and then dashing around, trying to get myself organized)

This is going to be a good week. I have lots of fun plans and things to look forward to... There's the new season of Glee (whee!), new episodes of the always hilarious Inbetweeners, and the new season of The Office to watch. Jess is coming for a visit on Wednesday and if the weather's good, we'll walk Sawyer up to preschool and stop at Starbucks on the way back home. The boys are going for a sleepover on Friday night to my aunt's, so Alan and I are going out for dinner and then to Amanda's birthday party. I haven't been to a party in ages. Can't wait! Then, hopefully we'll get to sleep in on Saturday (oh, I remember those days... the days of sleeping until you were ready to wake up...) and relax a bit. Lots of good things ahead. And as for the things I'm loving right this second:

  • the autumn wreath on our door and the leaves that are starting to fall on our front lawn (I love autumn...)
  • a fabulous postcard full of chocolates from Paris (I indulge in one or two every day with a cup of tea!)

    coolest "postcard" ever!

  • phone dates with Em (who sent the postcard), even if they are only 20 minutes long
  • the worry that's been plaguing me for weeks has disappeared with one phone message, and I feel so light and carefree!
  • the smell of homemade minestrone soup coming from the kitchen (Monday's meal this week... yum! and yes, I do have our dinners planned out through Saturday)
  • a pile of writing paper that I plan to sit down with tonight (a few letters written, and a few still to go)
  • the sunflowers in our garden- such a cheerful splash of colour on a drizzly autumn day

How are you today? Finding lots to love? Link up over on Much Love Anna and share the love!


  1. I am amazed that you are organized enough to be a teacher, a mama, and have your meals planned out a week at a time! I don't even know what I'm making for dinner tonight, and I have a horrendous pile of papers I need to grade before our grades are due on Thursday. You're inspiring :)

  2. The coolest thing I saw today was a hummingbird hovering by a tiered fountain. It put such a big smile on my face. And I can't wait for tomorrow night's episode of Glee. I have no doubt that it will make my day. Hope this week at work goes well for you!

  3. what an amazing postcard! oh, and what i wouldn't give for monday's off... and i don't even have little ones to keep me on my toes.

    (sounds like you have an awesome week in store for you!)

  4. I heart your sunflowers in a big way xo


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