Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It's the little things

Sometimes I get sucked in by the cleverly placed advertising outside my local Starbucks...

Pumpkin spice latte?

Why yes, I think I will!

Normally, I'm a chai tea latte kind of girl. But I'm celebrating the arrival of fall with many a pumpkin spice of late. The cinnamon, the pumpkin, that delicious aroma... It just makes me feel so festive! {the toffee mocha sounds intriguing too, doesn't it?}

What's your favourite hot beverage these days?


  1. Hooray for Fall! (And especially, fall treats!)

  2. it is max's favorite! he looks forward to it all year :) so yes, it's the little things indeed!

    wish we could share a coffee date. oh someday, yes? :)


  3. The little things, yes... the ones that are a nine-hour airplane ride away! Oh, Pumpkin Spice latte, I can almost smell your heavenly sweet & spicy deliciousness.


    I was a bit chilly post-bike ride this afternoon, so I whipped up a homemade London Fog (avec vanilla syrup purchased for a pretty penny at the Starbuck's in Lyon!) It was tasty, but definitely not pumpkiny. Sigh.

  4. in the morning i just like a plain old cup of steaming hot coffee with lots of cream and sugar....but at night when i'm winding down i like to sip on a hot cocoa....pure bliss!
    enjoy the tastes and smells of autumn!

  5. I haven't visited Starbucks for a Fall visit but your post has me tempted to drive up to the corner and get myself a warm beverage. Especially since I'm lucky enough to have a Starbucks two minutes from my house :)

  6. I've been drinking a lot of tea lately, but I LOVE peppermint hot chocolate and hazelnut hot cocoa. Heavenly! Consequently, my friend confessed to cranking the AC up high in her house so she could enjoy a pumpkin spice latte the other day (when it was 93 degrees here). I guess that's what the season does to you.

  7. I'm a simple hot chocolate kind of girl :)

  8. oh the starbucks! I definitely miss the number of them in the city. The nearest one to our house is now like 20 minutes away. ugh. And no pumpkin spice in England :( I didn't realize u've only been gone a month! I hope u don't miss it too much.


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