Friday, September 10, 2010

Bonne fete!

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Happy Birthday to my fabulous friend, Em! She's 36 today and living it up in Paris (without me, yet again... seriously! what is up with that?)

Bonne fete a toi, cherie!

Hope it was a marvellous day, full of croissants, fromage, chocolat, and plenty of vin rouge! I love you! And one of these days, we will totally be hanging out at a little Parisien sidewalk cafe. I'm sure of it...


  1. I was going to get mad that you revealed my age to the entire blogosphere, but then I remembered that 36 is the new 29. Whew!

    Paris is fabulous, birthdays are fabulous, and those two things together are pretty amazing. But there's always room for improvement, non? When you & I finally make it here together, just look out!

    Bisous & xoxox too!

  2. it sure is Emily ;)

    you girls always warm my heart. I hope you have a special and lovely birthday!!!



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