Thursday, September 09, 2010

London Loves: the parks!

Our most recent trip to London was, obviously, all about the kids. And where do kids love to go? Parks. London has no shortage of beautiful green spaces in which to play.

We love Kensington Gardens and the Princess Diana Playground.

Sawyer, Amelia and I loved the carousel.

The enormous musical instruments were one of Sawyer's favourite things.

Check out the amazing (and enormous) pirate ship! You can even climb up into the crow's nest.

All the cousins together at last! (except for baby Joe, asleep in the pram)

Another park we love is St. James'. It's long and green and it's full of Canada geese to make you feel at home.

In Alan's old neighbourhood, there's a proper sphinx at Crystal Palace Park! I used to hang out here quite a bit, with a cup of tea and a stack of writing paper... back in the days before kids.

It also has a maze in which to get lost. I'm not a great fan of mazes... The boys in my family love them though.

Hyde Park on a windy, grey London afternoon. A good spot to sit down with an ice lolly after a long day of walking.

And to relax in a royal lawn chair until the man collecting the money heads your way!

Sawyer loved the horses in many of the parks. This one is in Lloyd Park, a few tram stops from our hotel. We had a lovely afternoon here, picnicking in the rain.

Regent's Park! I love it here. It's beautiful and quiet and green, full of fountains

... and quaint cafes.

I'll get back to cafes next time (I adore them). And the pubs, too. We'll have a pint together, shall we?

PS: My baby boy starts kindergarten tomorrow. Thank goodness for digital cameras. What would I have done in the days of film?!


  1. London has the best parks (and pubs!) in the world. I miss them! x

  2. Looks like so much fun! Yes lets have a Cider together one day in an english pub, such a nice thought. Goodluck with the big kindy start!

  3. It looks like a grat day for all of you :) So many smiles!


  4. how wonderful! i wish i could spend a day in that park, too!

  5. It all looks like so much fun. I'm a huge fan of mazes...for the first five minutes, at least. It's fantastic that you got to so many parks and playgrounds -- people so often skip those when they vacation. I guess that's part of the advantage of having children.

  6. oh i loved the cafes in london! we went to a crooked tea house and i had the best tea of my life there! those parks filled with smiling children look like a super fun way to spend time in england! :)


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