Thursday, July 15, 2010

Plans for a sunny Thursday

My friend Joanie is in town and she's on her way over this morning. I wasn't sure what we were going to do, until Dylan suggested that we might like to "walk to Starbucks for a drink and then we could get the trolley and go for a ride." Great idea! To add to the fun, I think we'll pick up some sandwiches at Subway before we climb aboard. We'll get off at the park and have a picnic lunch before we walk back home. Lovely day, non? I'm sure Joanie will think so too.

What are you doing today? And where in the world are you? I'd love to hear.


  1. Sounds like an amazing day:) The day is almost over here in Denmark, but we have been invited for a cold drink at the neighbours patio:)

  2. this little saskatchewan girl is cleaning the house today for company that will be coming tomorrow. think i'll run to home sense for some wicker baskets for storage as i am in organization mode; i've moved to a new city...lots to do but i'm loving the time off from having a job and being a happy little homemaker! your day sounds wonderful...enjoy sweet erin!!!

  3. Hope you had a fab day Erin. It certainly sounded great.
    We have had very variable weather here in Lincolnshire today. I had to work this morning to help DD get large order out and spent the rest of the day playing with grandson. Indoors I'm afraid but we still had fun. Just hope the good weather returns at the weekend so we can get out and about again. We have been so spoiled these last few weeks.

  4. That sounds like a great day. A picnic in the sun sounds amazing right now.

    I'm pretty much organising my thoughts with lists and getting inspired for my week of cleaning and organising. Here in Australia :)

  5. Sounds like you had a great day plan -- hope it was even better than you expected! I caught lunch with a dear girlfriend and spend the afternoon doing some planning and working on a few details for a new project...

  6. Sounds like a perfect Summers day! I adore that picture too - such old-fashioned charm.


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