Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Drenched, magic, lovely long visit

Three beautiful things on a gorgeous summer night:

1. The hilarious water fight this evening in which all 4 of us got soaked.

2. At bedtime, Sawyer said to me, "I wish I had a wand that could do magic, then I would make Dad really small and he could come in my little fort with me."

3. After a really lousy start (which involved much stamping and shouting and throwing of toys), we had the most marvellous day at Tricia's. A lovely lunch, plenty of tea, great conversation, cheerful boys feeding the rabbits and the chicken, a wander through the garden... it was absolutely perfect. And just what I needed.

I've just got home from the gym. Time for a quick shower and then onto the couch for a cup of tea and my nightly fix of Glee!

E xo

PS: Happy Bastille Day!

image via la-belle-vie


  1. sounds like the most lovely day! sawyer with all his sweet thoughts....makes me smile!
    happy you enjoyed your day!

  2. Apologies that I was grabbing your attention and was probably the cause of those thrown toys!

    Glad to hear the day turned out to be a good one in the end and could I borrow Sawyers magic wand sometime!


  3. Water fights are the best!!!! :) One of my favourite memories with my nephew Mikey & niece Milen is the fun water gun fight we had while I was visiting them in Germany. It was incredibly hot that day and being soaked was more then welcome :) We had SOOO much fun that day! Thank you for bringing back that memory for me :)
    Sawyer is such a cutie! what a sweet wish :)
    I wish I could come hang out with you and your wonderful family for a day :) Your days always sound so lovely and charming :) Quite actually how about we start hanging out by me accompanying all of you to England? :) That sounds perfect to me! :)

  4. Merci! The fireworks were huge and loud, but Joe slept through them ALL!

  5. I really think you need to record all of Sawyer's sweet sayings and make a book out of them. They're so cute!

  6. Sawyer's quotes never fail to make me smile :) What a super young man. :)

    P.S. Yes they DO have Anthro in London...I checked! :)

  7. Ooh, thanks Bethany! I am SO going!


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