Friday, July 16, 2010

Alphabet Walk Blog Hop {the letter V}

Piper, of the fabulous blog, One Sydney Road, has been hosting the Alphabet Walk Blog Hop all week. The idea is to choose a letter, grab your walking shoes and your camera, and start snapping! I couldn't resist, and signed up right away. The photos have been amazing, all completely different takes on each of the letters they've represented. Well, it's Friday now, the week is almost over, and we've reached the last six letters of the alphabet. My letter is V.

As I put together this post, I'm enjoying a glass of vin rouge. No, I didn't polish off the whole bottle tonight! This was the last of it. I enjoyed the final sips, and thought about Em's wedding in France last summer, and how I developed an instant love of red wine when immersed in the French culture for a few days. I always call it vin rouge... it makes me sound so much more sophisticated, non?

I've been writing letters and postcards to friends tonight. Aren't these vintage postcards hilarious? I love the modern twist that the text gives them.

Earlier this week, Dylan and I went downtown. Here's Queen Victoria, namesake of our fair city.

The Empress Hotel doesn't start with V, I admit. But it does attract thousands of visitors each year. And I did stay there on my wedding night... so I can't help but love it and want to photograph it every time I walk by.

The summer sun has been doing wonders for our garden, as well as for the tourist trade! Here's a photo of the peas growing on vines in our vegetable garden. We've been eating them with supper every night this week. They are soooo good!

We don't just grown veggies in our garden. We've got flowers everywhere. I love how vibrant these fuschias are against the backdrop of green leaves.

And here are some construction vehicles hard at work behind the house!

Finally, what would a visit to Vancouver Island be without taking a moment to appreciate the vastness of the beautiful Pacific Ocean?

Whew! That was actually a lot easier than I thought it would be. At first I wondered how on earth I'd come up with anything other than Victoria! I think I did pretty well, don't you? You can click on each photo above to see it large and in greater detail, if you like.

Do visit The Slender Grasshopper and oh, sweetlee me to see their take on the letter v, and go for a stroll down One Sydney Road to see everyone else's letters, too. I was amazed this week to discover just how many of my blogging friends happened to be taking part in this little project as well. Great minds think alike, I guess!

Happy Friday, friends. I'll be back later with flowers,
E xo


  1. you did really well :) I love the vintage postcards! And the last one on the beach, so cute!

  2. you did quite felt like i was taken on a wonderful trip to different wonderful places. Nice photos of Vs. Happy Hoppin!

  3. Lovely images, especially the last one, really sweet and portrays the vastness of the ocean perfectly!

  4. Love your images especially the last one which demonstrates the vastness of the ocean perfectly!

  5. I think you did great! Although, I do love Victoria ... Sigh.

  6. I love these photos! And I think that the Empire Hotel definitely counts for "visitors." My favorite photo is the one of the vintage postcards (I'm kind of a postcard nut).

  7. Love the V inspirations. i'm so jealous of your vegetable garden and the beautiful fuschias. Hoping to get my garden together next year. Have a great weekend!

  8. yay! great job on your letter V! you were very creative. have a loveLee weekend!

  9. When you told me you had chosen 'V' I was really wondering what you would choose! You did a fantastic job and I especially love 'vibrant' and 'visitors' - a great take on the letter!


  10. Holy smokes, Erin, you blew V right out of the water! Such a vast variety of images. (Okay. I'm seriously proud of my use of two "v" words right there. Lame, but true.)

    Just saw via Cassie's blog that you have some swimming to do this weekend? Color me jealous. :) Happy weekending :)

  11. i'm living vicariously through you right now...such gorgeous photos!! it was like going on a trip :) great job with the letter creative and such beautiful photos!

    (my fave is the last one of the ocean!)

  12. Yummy veggies!! Well done, just so sweet... Happy Weekend!

  13. Wonderful photos -- I love the vehicle ones. I have a 9-year-old nephew addicted to anything transportation related :)

  14. Great job with this, Erin! V is a hard one, but I love everything you choose -- it was like taking a little trip with you.


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