Sunday, July 11, 2010

Cooling off, like a prayer, one-on-one

A little ol' Sunday-night-in-July 3BT, 'cause it's been way too long...

1. I like the cool wind after another hot day.
2. I just watched the Madonna-themed episode of Glee and couldn't help but sing along to every single song. So awesome!
3. Sawyer and I cuddled in bed while Alan and Dylan took an evening walk together along the railroad tracks. It was nice for each of us to get to spend some time with just one of them. "I like that Mummy and Sawyer time," my baby said to me. And then he kissed my elbow.

Good-night, my lovelies. Come visit me tomorrow?
E xo

image via j'adore


  1. What a lovely 3BT too! We had the exact same cool wind last night after another scorcher of a day but today we have woken to a grey day and rain (almost forgot what it was!)

    The Madonna Glee episode has to be on of my absolute favourites from the first season.


  2. Oh my goodness, that last one melted my heart!

    my 3bt:

    1.) the light drizzle outside as i sip a cup of coffee

    2.) i FINALLY watched "Pursuit of Happyness"-- Will Smith = AMAZING.
    I bawled.

    3.) my birthplace winning the World Cup (viva espana!!!) and Max getting cheap Sangria late last night (it was the only thing available at that hour and i loved it lol) so we could toast ;)

  3. aww, Sawyer just melted my heart!! what a sweet sweet boy!

    and I just have to say, a cool breeze on a hot day is the BEST! :)

    glad to hear you had a lovely weekend!

  4. haha, I just saw that Micaela said the same thing about Sawyer :)

  5. You have the sweetest boy (you actually make me want to have kids one day and that's a BIG compliment). And I love this photograph -- I need some in my back yard.

  6. the madonna episode of glee is what officially got me hooked on it all, lovelove.

    and, i also must say, that the last bit really melted my heart. <3 oh my goodness, so awesome, the things kids say; so simple yet they mean so much or can do so much for your heart. :]
    - L

  7. awe...i love this post and what your little sawyer said...sweet as can be! a kiss on the elbow...adorable!
    {love this photo pretty!}


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