Sunday, July 11, 2010

Scenes of summer (so far)

Week two of summer vacation has begun, and if it's anything at all like the first week or so was, we'll be glad. It was a great start to my time off, with plenty of sunshine, lots of cold treats and various water "sports" keeping us busy. Want to take a look?

This was the temperature on Wednesday, which was probably the hottest afternoon we had. It hit 39 degrees celsius in our garden! It's cooled down a bit since then, and is hovering around a slightly more civilized 30 or 31...

When it's hot like that, sometimes you just want to take all your clothes off and go for a ride on your trike. If you get going fast enough, you might create a cool breeze, right?

A popsicle or two (or twelve) can help to cool you down.

Purple popsicle tongues are hilarious, are they not?

Lovin' my big boy.

It's good to have a lawn chair just your size to get comfy in...

I've got a pretty strict "no guns allowed" rule in our house, so we call these "water blasters." They work the same as water guns, but I feel a bit better about letting the boys play with them. I know that's sort of ridiculous, but whatever.

Pugh boys getting ready for the deluge.

He looks so friendly when he's about to blast you with cold water, doesn't he?

A few action shots. I love these!

Especially this one. Look at his face!

The week ahead is filling up fast. We have plans to get together with a few of my old friends, to go for a picnic at the lake and to spend a morning at the water park with preschool friends. We'll be getting ready for the summer festival parade next weekend by practicing our bike riding/waving skills (this is seriously one of the cutest things I've ever seen, Dylan riding his bike with one hand, smiling, and waving to the imaginary crowds with the other!) and I've got my first book club meeting on Tuesday night. Looking forward to all of it!

I love summer, don't you? How has yours been so far?


  1. These pictures are ADORABLE. Cannot wait to have kids to play all those fun games with. Looks like summer is treating you awesome.

  2. Summer vacations haven't started here yet, and as our little loves are all grown up with families of their own it rather passes us by. However we have been enjoying water fights in the garden with our grandson and your sons face mirrors his! Excited, cheeky and determined, but above all too accurate for comfort! Enjoy the lovely days ahead they go by too quickly.

  3. Ha ha! i remember having water fights with lots of kids on the street when i was young :)

  4. Oh Erin I love these photos, the boys look so happy and like they are having so much fun. Summer maks everthing so much better.

  5. What a fun weekend.

    And I love how you renamed them "water blasters" :)

  6. Wow! Your summer is going so well. Who doesn't love to play with water guns, have ice blocks and sit around in the shade?! Sounds about perfect to me.

    Your boys look like they are having the time of their lives :)

  7. I adore Sawyers collection of sunhats - so fun! And his cheeky little tilted stance in one of those photos is hilarious. Dylan looks really cool in the last action shot too!

    Sounds like a fun week ahead too.


  8. I can always count on a hefty dose of adorable when I read your posts! Your boys are so sweet!

    Love the water blaster idea. It's a great way to keep their minds off of the stereotypical gun scenarios. Not stupid at all!

  9. These photos are the perfect start to my work day :) they just make me so happy looking at them! You have such a beautiful family!!! I wish I could scoop up your little ones and give them great big hugs! :) LOVE these photos!!! Love how you captured all the fun :) The delight in their faces just brightens my day! :)


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